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Yeh Dil Aapka Hoa (2002)


Moammar Rana and Sana in Yeh Dil Aapka Hoa (2002)

The wait is finally over and more than the crew of Yeh Dil Aapka Hoa, it’s the audience who was waiting to see the film. They aren’t disappointed but aren’t smiling on their way back home either. Yes it is different, but the only difference is that now the same old wine is in a beautiful new bottle.

The tagline in the promos of the film goes, “love has different angles,” and director Javed Sheikh has tried to give the triangular formula of love as many angles as possible. Falak (Moamer Rana) and Chaand (Salim Sheikh) are best of buddies based in Spain. Chaand’s sister Pinky (Veena Malik) nurtures silent feelings for Falak. While vacationing in Switzerland, Falak bumps into a pretty Pakistani, Sitara (Sana). Amid the minis and jeans clad Swiss beauties, Falak falls for the churidaar adorned, head-to-toe eastern beauty and takes pains to get to her but only succeeds in finding out that she hails from Karachi. Catching the next flight to the land of pure, Falak lands at his businessman brother’s (Javed Sheikh) lavish abode. The doting brother has a business feud with rival Zar Gul (Baber Ali). Once in Karachi, Falak’s hunt for Sitara begins. He manages to spot her from amongst the big sea of people that Karachi upholds.

After a couple of inevitable song and dance routine the two lovers discover that their respective big brothers don’t see eye to eye. Besides Sitara has already been “unofficially” engaged to the son of a family friend in Spain. They try to elope but circumstances force Falak to stay back while Sitara manages to flee. Falak joins her in Spain after a good bust up with Sitara’s brother and the local police. But once in Spain, they find that they have more challenges to meet than they faced in their homeland. A pain in the neck big brother and a reluctant fiancĂ© of Sitara do their bit to prevent a happy ending, but the story manages to conclude on a joyous note.

As said earlier, the story itself, by Baber Kashmiri, has nothing different to offer. It had to be the presentation that could have made a difference but the director relied too much on the exotic locations of Spain and Switzerland to make up for the drab story which proved to be a lost cause.

The cast was a misfit. Firstly a Resham could have perfectly fitted the role of delicate eastern beauty that Sana’s heavy torso prevented her from becoming. Shaan could have played the fiery Zar Gul better as he has a host of Jaggas and Gujjars on his resume, boasting his image of “angry young man.” Saleem Shiekh and Moamer did handle their parts well, except that there were times when Moamer would go overboard. The film, thankfully has an urban touch and one doesn’t find a single hint of Punjabi culture where it’s not needed. Even the comic sequences of the film weren’t uncomfortable for the family audience.

The music by Amjad Bobby stands as the highpoint of the film. Though the music is worth an ear, a bit of imagination on the part of choreographers would have done to the film what Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Koi Mil Gaya and Saajan Ji did for the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Whilst, the promos of the film were being flashed across the screens and hoardings along the roadsides, one expected that Sana’s dresses, by Safina Sabzwari, might set a trend or two in the local fashion scene. Unfortunately they turned out to be heavily inspired from the wardrobes of Yash Chopra and Karan Johar’s protagonists, and Sana, with her heavy frame couldn’t even carry them well. Her looks were inconsistent throughout the film. She looked breathtaking at some instances and dull at others. She wasn’t given enough lines to utter. In fact, Veena Malik managed to prove that given a fair chance she can act.

Editing actually ruined the film. What could have been meaningfully brought home in a span of two-and-a-half-hours was stretched to three hours and fifteen minutes to the boredom of the audience. It was no Devdas or Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, so there was no point stretching it beyond its limits. There were too many stories running parallel to each other and an attempt to give each one a definite conclusion left many a question unanswered. The characters weren’t well defined either so one had to make one’s own assumptions to understand the story.

Despite its flaws, Yeh Dil Aapka Hoa deserves a peek, for it is better than Buddha Shers and Kaalos flooding the cinema houses. At least it doesn’t question your sanity. Sheikh has tried to keep it as grounded as the medium of cinema could allow him to. So you don’t end up coming out of the cinema house feeling that you’d just had an unpleasant date with an alien world and you are back to reality.

After Chalo Ishq Larain, Yeh Dil Aapka Hoa is another film that demands us to draw comparisons with mediocre stuff that Lollywood filmmaking machinery is churning out and declare it as a good effort. Isn’t it about time we broaden our definition of “good effort”? Let us make the international ‘bests’ and not Lollywood’s ‘best’ our benchmarks and open our eyes to see where we stand today – Zeenia Shaukat

Cast and Production Credits

Year – 2002, Genre – Drama, Country – Pakistan, Language – Urdu, Producer – N/A, Director – Javed Sheikh, Music Director – N/A, Cast – Moammer Rana, Sana, Saleem Sheikh, Javed Sheikh, Baber Ali, Veena Malik

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