Yasmin (II)

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Real Name –  Vinita Butt

Profession – Actress (Side Heroine)

Most Active/Popular Decades – 1950s

Religion – Hindu ?

Ethnicity – N/A

Date of Birth – N/A

Date of Death – N/A

Debut FilmMr. and Mrs. 55 (1955)

Last FilmMr. and Mrs. 55 (1955). Mr. and Mrs. 55 was her first and last Hindi film.

Significant others in the Film Industry – N/A

Miscellaneous Info – Stunningly beautiful Yasmin was introduced by Guru Dutt as a side heroine opposite Johnny Walker in his super hit film Mr. and Mrs. 55. She didn’t stay long in films and married a popular make-up man Jimmy Vining. Read more about her Here

Related Youtube Video – Geeta Dutt singing for Yasmin and Mohammad Rafi singing for Johnny Walker in Mr. and Mrs. 55 (1955), music by O.P Nayyar.

  1. 6 years ago  

    Arunkumar deshmukh

    YASMIN was the name given by GuruDutt to her,because she looked beautiful due to a dimple on her cheeks.
    In the credit list of Mr.& Mrs.55,only the name of Yasmin appears and the name Vinita Butt does not appear at all.
    -Arunkumar Deshmukh

  2. 4 years ago  

    Waheed Khan

    Thanks and I am happy that “Cineplot Encyclopedia” has provided us information regarding to Ms Vinita Bhutt (Yasmin). I am glad that everyone appreciates her charming personality and real acting in “Mr & Mrs 55” with a beautiful song. I am searching her more photographs and answers of these questions.
    Did her voice is original or dubbing in the movie? After this why did not she signed another? Is she still alive?
    If any one else knows more about Pretty Vinita G and her family, kindly share with thanks.

    • 4 years ago  

      Hazel Garrett

      I am Jimmy Vining’s daughter and would like to know more about Vinita Bhutt and her marriage to Jimmy Vining. Also their lives since 1955.

      • 4 years ago  

        Waheed Khan

        Thanks for reply and sorry I am late; if possible it would be great for all of us an interview with current snap of Ms. Vinita Butt G and upload it on “Cineplot”. Once again, I pray for her long life, health and welfare.

      • 4 years ago  


        lol….no im their son…:p

      • 3 years ago  


        Interesting to learn about Vinita Butt. Can anyone give her contact details, phone, Mobile and Email id…

        Vinod Kapoor


  3. 4 years ago  


    Vinita Bhatt, now 80 leaves in valsad (Gujrat).

    • 4 years ago  

      Waheed Khan

      Thanks for information regarding to Ms Vinita Bhutt,I pray for her health and welfare.

    • 3 years ago  


      pl give her address in valsad


    • 1 year ago  

      Fan of vinita bhatt

      I don’t have other information about her
      If you have …than pls
      Share with us

    • 8 months ago  


      thank you mehul for her where abouts
      i an going to go to valsad and
      visit her

      thanks a lot

  4. 4 years ago  

    Qaseem Abbasi

    She was there too in “Aye Dilruba! Nazren Mila” from Rustom Sohrab.

  5. 4 years ago  


    She must have led a tough life. If someone can get in touch with her, it would be great to get an interview of hers.
    Years later, She was also seen in the movie Rustom Sohrab but looks quite jaded by then. Here is the song picturised on her, Ae Dilruba Nazren Mila.

    • 7 months ago  

      dev raina

      No she didn’t, the actress you are mentioning is Yasmin 1st … Both have the same name but Vinita Bhatt mam is known as yasmeen 2nd.

  6. 2 years ago  

    sumon anand

    she was the more beauty then other heroins ..I like she and her lovely dimpel ..finally .I found her biography ….

  7. 9 months ago  

    Sunil P. Surywanshi

    I m the fan Vinita G. From many days I search more pics. Of them. If they r live plz plz tell the address or contact no, mob. no. In Valsad (Guj.)

  8. 8 months ago  


    Pl provide more pics and information about Vinita Butt. Would really appreciate it..

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