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Vintage Tidbits – Nimmi & Mohana’s Catfight on the sets of Danka (1953)



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Date – October, 1953.

Related Category – Hindi Film Industry

Caption – Amarnath’s attentions to the mandolin-strumming Nimmi in “Danka,” her own production, draw from Mohana, her rival in the story, the desired black look. Unlooked-for sequel was later black-eye from Nimmi to Mohana.

Nimmi & Mohana’s Catfight on the sets of Danka (1953)

CURVACEOUS Mohana, the Goan film actress who on her visit to her English husband’s home last year was widely described in film magazines as India’s “Jane Russell,” with appropriate pictures of her title to the description, was sporting a beauty of a black eye just before her departure on another flight husband ward. She got it, she explained merrily, from her pint-sized rival in love, Nimmi, during a scene which was being directed for the picture, “Danka.”

“We are both in love with Amarnath,” said Mohana, tenderly caressing the black eye. “The rivalry comes to a head and we fight, I had to slap her first and, considering her size (Mohana is practically two of Nimmi all round) I let her have a mild one. What she gave me in return sounded like a thunderclap and felt like one.”

“I was near stunned, saw whole constellations and my cheek burned as if it was on fire,” Mohana went on. She got her revenge, however. There were several re-takes. The fight went to real fisticuffs and wound up with hair- pulling and biting.

“We were both in the mood by now and as the director had been calling for realism, I was beginning to enjoy myself,” said Mohana, “when suddenly that little fury leaped at me like a tigress and wham! her head got me in the eye and off the set.”

Mohana retired with a black eye which kept her at home and suspended the shooting for twenty days.

“It was realistic enough,” she added laughing, “to set everybody on the set thinking we were fighting in earnest and there was a rush to separate us. Since then,” Mohana confided, “Nimmi is called Dara Singh in the ‘Danka’ outfit and I, King Kong!”

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