July 2011

Yakub playing billiards

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Yakub with ‘Sanyasi’

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Yakub with his wife

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Real Name –  Yukubkhan Mehboob Khan

Profession – Actor (Villain / Comedian)

Most Active/Popular Decades – 1930s – 1950s

Religion – Muslim

Ethnicity – N/A

Year of Birth – 1904 (Jabalpur)

Year of Death – 1958

Debut Film – Bajirao Mastani (1925, silent)

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Yakub – Interview

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He joined the Navy to see the world and he saw a bit more than just the sea! Yakub toured the Continent, then came back to become a “stunt hero”.

Born in Jabalpur in 1904, Yukubkhan Mehboob Khan, the Indian screen’s unsurpass­able villain, was a […]

September 2010

Deedar (1951)

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Adapting much of the K.L. Saigal type of melodrama, the tale opens with adolescents Shamu (Dilip Kumar) and childhood sweetheart Mala (Nargis). Mala’s rich father (Sapru) disapproves and when the children have an accident while horse-riding (a portent of the tragedy to come), he […]

November 2009

Waris (1954)

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An inheritance melodrama about Kunwar (Mahmood), the son of zamindar Rana Himmat Singh (Sethi). Kunwar marries Shobha (Suraiya) and is disinherited, forcing him to join the army during WW2. When he is reported lost and presumed dead, a repentant Rana invites Shobha to stay […]