July 2012

Shakila (Shakeela) – Interview

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She had great fun while she worked in films. But once Shakila quit and settled down to domestic bliss in London, she hasn’t missed the arc lights.

Whenever the songs of “C.I.D.” or “Chinatown” are heard, one remembers with nostalgia the frail looking heroine of […]

April 2012

Shakeela in Nanubhai Vakil’s Noor Mahal (1954) – Publicity Still

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March 2012

Press Book of Laila (1954) – Starring Daljeet Puri, Shakeela and Durga Khote

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November 2011

Shakeela with her friend Jabeen Jalil Kak seen during a party in Mumbai (2008)

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Real Name –  Shakeela

Profession – Actress (Heroine / Side Heroine)

Most Active/Popular Decades – 1950s

Religion – Muslim

Ethnicity – Pashtun (?)

Date of Birth – N/A

Date of Death – N/A

Debut Film – Perhaps Duniya (1949)

Last Film – Perhaps Rishte […]

Shakeela – Filmography

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Music Director

Fazli Bros
S. F. Hussain
Anwari, Karan Dewan, Suraiya, Yakub, Bhudo Advani, Shakila, Zubeida, Jankidas
C. Ramchandra

Musical Pictures
A. R. Kardar
Pratima Devi, Raj Kapoor, Al Nasir, Murad, Suraiya, Veena, Suresh, Shakila

Aina Pictures
S. M. Yusuf
Nigar Sultana, […]

July 2011

Jabeen Jalil, Sunita Prasad, Azra, Nishi Kohli, Shakeela, Nimmi, Yasmin, Begum Para and Sitara Devi at Shyama’s Birthday Party (2008)

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1. Jabeen Jalil

2. Sunita Prasad

3. Azra

4. Nishi Kohli

5. Shakeela

6. Nimmi

7. Yasmin

8. Begum Para

9. Shyama

10. Sitara Devi

September 2010

Shakila in Madam X.Y.Z (1959)

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May 2010

Shakila and Guru Dutt in Aar Paar (1954)

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Shakila in Aar Paar (1954)

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This is perhaps one of the best songs composed by O.P. Nayyar for Geeta Dutt. Accordion plays a major part in setting the overall mood of the song and Geeta sings this song in her distinctive frothy style.

This song was picturized on Shakila. According […]