Begum Para

September 2012

Begum Para, Nasir Khan, Ayub Khan, Rukhsana etc visiting Taj Mahal

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Begum Para dancing with Ajit at a private party

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Begum Para – Memories

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I was born as Para Haq, into a very illustrious family of Aligarh. My father was a minister with the government and we had a very disciplined yet liberal upbringing. I spent most of my growing up years in Bikaner and was educated at […]

April 2012

Begum Para with Amrita Singh

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January 2012

Roop Kishore Shorey, Meena Shorey, Begum Para, Protima Das Gupta, David, Jairaj and many others at a private dinner party (1954)

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September 2011

The Role I’d Love To Play – By Begum Para (1954)

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I was lucky in that I started my film career with a heroine’s role. The picture was “Chand” and, though I was frightfully nervous right through the production, the thrill of acting in a film (something remote from the normal course of the life […]

July 2011

Jabeen Jalil, Sunita Prasad, Azra, Nishi Kohli, Shakeela, Nimmi, Yasmin, Begum Para and Sitara Devi at Shyama’s Birthday Party (2008)

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1. Jabeen Jalil

2. Sunita Prasad

3. Azra

4. Nishi Kohli

5. Shakeela

6. Nimmi

7. Yasmin

8. Begum Para

9. Shyama

10. Sitara Devi

June 2011

Meena Shorey, Begum Para and Nargis playing cricket in Sri Lanka (1954)

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May 2011

Begum Para, Shobhna Samarth, Surya Kumari, Nargis, Nimmi and Nirupa Roy together at a fundraising event

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1. Begum Para (Dilip Kumar’s sister-in-law)

2. Shobhna Samarth (Nutan and Tanuja’s Mother)

3.  Surya Kumari (Famous South-Indian actress appeared only in one Hindi film Udan Khatola (1955) opposite Dilip Kumar and Nimmi)

4. Nargis

5. Nimmi

6. Nirupa Roy

Mala Sinha, Smriti Biswas, Anita Guha, Nirupa Roy, Nimmi, Begum Para and Shyama in their later years

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