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Tabu and her father Jamil

Kis naam sai pukaroun from Gharnata (1971) was composed by A. Hameed and sung beautifully by Noor Jehan. Directed by Riaz Shahid, the film tried to show the Muslim rule of Spain, but because of the lack of authenticity the film flopped.  In this song you can see Rozina romantically paired with Jamil. Jamil is the father of  Bollywood actresses Farah and Tabu.


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  1. I met Jamil at PTV Karachi Centre with his cousin Rizwana Khan in early of 70’s when Rizwana, myself and Talat hussain were recording a play of Amir Imam.

    Jamil was a quiet and sober man. He was lucky to be offered some roles in Pakistani movies of which, probably, GHARNATA had some spark which too…did not flare much. His movie SAZAA with Rozina…also flopped but the songs did well.

    Jamil, I understand, lost his touch with both of his daughters when something went wrong between him and his sober and intelligent India?? or is it not?

    • Yes… I don’t know what happened but I remember reading in one of Tabu’s interviews that she don’t even like to mention her Dad’s name or something like that. I wonder what happened…

  2. I remember Jamal ( Jamil) distinctly as I was growin up in Lahore. He used to come to our house regularly .
    Farah was his older daughter and we used to baby sit her.
    Jamal tried in various movies including Saza Gharnata Yeh Aman. Unfortunately none did well at the box office.
    The songs of all these movies did superb and were a major hit.
    Jamal than migrated to India ( He had acted prior in a couple of Indian movies )
    Never heard subsequently . Only heard he got divorced.
    His wife Rizwana was extremely talented and came from a family full of education personality fame and talent!!

  3. Where is now jamil. He is residing in his native village . Distract Attock Tehsail jand , Villege Moochi Kalay near lakar marr, pakistan.

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