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Suraiya causing traffic jams… (1952)


Picture Details

Date – 1952

Related Category – Indian Film Industry

Caption – What’s all the commotion about? The first picture shows a crowd on a road in Bombay (Churchgate Street) where traffic was brought to a complete standstill. Even the police forgot their duty and joined the happy throng –

The second picture shows the reason for all the commotion. It was simple and understandable. Suraiya, having a spell of leisure all too rare in her busy life, indulged in a chronic womanly weakness and pastime. She went shopping with her mother Malaika Begum.


There was a time when traffic jams at Marine Drive, Bombay, were caused not because of a long line of cars, but because of a young charismatic actress whose melodious voice had cast a spell on thousands of young Indians. That actress cum singer was Suraiya. With the exception of Rajesh Khanna in late 1960s to early 1970s, no other star has seen such huge fan following during his/her heydays.

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