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Subah Kahin Sham Kahin (1961) – Review


This is another formula picture with the usual ingredients of love, lust, villainy, intrigue, and director’s license. A gypsy tribe comes to camp on the site of an ancient settlement. Two girls are prominent in the group. They can sing and dance for the entertainment of the tribe. Obviously the story demands that either both of them should fall in love with the same man or the writer should provide two eligible young men. The latter course is chosen. The young men belong to the Archaeological Department. For purpose of villainy and intrigue the tribe does not have to seek outside help, it has a man just for the role.

It so happens the young official’s sense of duty comes into clash with the interest of the tribe’s chief. The old man is trying to trace the treasure that lies buried under the ruins. After the normal run of setbacks he succeeds in finding the treasure but comes to grief at the hands of his villainish partner. The officials are, however, not to be beaten back. They recover the treasure and now there is no bar to romantic triumph.

Both the writer and the director proceed from certain notions of box-office appeal. One does not hesitate to discard logic and favor of “hit incidents,” and the other banks on vulgarity. The musical score is dull and technical values

Year – 1961

Language – Urdu

Country – Pakistan

Producer – M.A.Rasheed

Director – M.A.Rasheed

Music Director – Nazir Jaffrey

Box-Office Status – Flop

Cast – Neelo, Kamal, Laila, Aslam Pervaiz, M. Ismail

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