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Shamshad Begum – O.P. Nayyar collaboration



Back to Legends – Shamshad Begum


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Shamshad Begum – O.P. Nayyar collaboration

In one of his rare T.V. interviews, O.P. Nayyar described Shamshad’s voice as that of a “temple bell” for its clarity of tone. No wonder then, that in the 1950’s, O.P Nayyar gave Shamshad perhaps the most popular songs of her career. Shamshad sang 40 songs for Nayyar and many of these songs especially Kabhi aar kabhi paar, and Leke pehla pehla pyaar appear in the popular remixes today. Shamshad sang for Nayyar the first time in Chham Chamma Chham (1952), a duet with Kishore Kumar – Taraste hain tarapte hain. However, her first hit song for Nayyar was Kabhi aar kabhi paar from Aaar Paar (1954).  O.P. Nayyar was responsible for giving Shamshad’s voice a different angle and making her sing Westernized tunes in songs like Mai ki masti aur hai (Mehbooba), Thoda sa dil laga kai dekh (Musafir Khana) and Meri neendoun mein tum (Naya Andaz). The last mentioned song is perhaps the best duet of Shamshad with Kishore Kumar and one of her favorites.

After emotional involvement of Nayyar with Asha Bhosle in the late 50s, Nayyar started to ignore his once favorite singers i.e. Geeta Dutt and Shamshad Begum, and started to work almost exclusively with Asha. In one of his interviews, Nayyar admits that, “I am to blame myself in the position I am today. My only regret in life is that I didn’t stick to Geeta dutt voice, and ignored her for Asha Bhosle. As I was involved very emotionally with Asha Bhosle at that time, and Asha Bhosle didn’t wanted me to compose songs for any other female singer, this almost stopped me to use any other female voice. Asha Bhosle says that my compositions were very intricate and complex to sing, and me(Asha) and Mohd Rafi can only give 80% to O.P.Nayyar songs. I (Nayyar) think she is lying, she and Mohd Rafi could only give 40% to my music. The only singers who can give 100% and did full justice to my songs were Geeta Dutt and Shamshad Begum.” (Source:- rediff.com)

Shamshad’s last song for Nayyar was that smashit Kajra mohabbat wala from Kismat (1968), and after that she was out of O.P. Nayyar’s recording room. Sad indeed!

Taraste hain tadapte hainShamshad Begum, Kishore KumarChham chhama chham1952
Kabhi aar kabhi paarShamshad BegumAar paar1954
Zara pyar karle babooShamshad BegumMangu1954
Main ki masti aur hai ankhon ki mastiShamshad BegumMehbooba1954
Baanka wah sanam meri rok ke rahenShamshad BegumMehbooba1954
Ai ji janeman apna se yun nazreinShamshad BegumMehbooba1954
Haay re tera jawabShamshad Begum, Mohd RafiMehbooba1954
Koi jab dard ka maraShamshad Begum, Mohd RafiMiss Coca Cola1955
Ab to jee hone laga kisi ki sooratShamshad BegumMr & Mrs 551955
Thoda sa dil laga keShamshad Begum, Mohd RafiMusafir khana1955
Ruk ja re piya mora dhadke jiyaShamshad BegumSabse bada rupaiya1955
Is raat diwaliShamshad Begum, Mohd Rafi, Asha BhosleSabse bada rupaiya1955
Bol re munnaShamshad Begum, Mohd Rafi, Asha Bhosle, BalbirSabse bada rupaiya1955
Kahin pe nighahen kahin peShamshad BegumC I D1956
Boojh mera kya naam reShamshad BegumC I D1956
Leke pehla pehla pyarShamshad Begum, Mohd Rafi, Asha BhosleC I D1956
Leke pehla pehla pyarShamshad Begum, Mohd RafiC I D1956
Humne jab dil tha diyaShamshad Begum, Mohd RafiChhoo mantar1956
Kuch kuch hone lagaShamshad Begum, Asha BhosleDhaake ki malmal1956
Tom tana de re naShamshad Begum, Asha BhosleDhaake ki malmal1956
Raat rangili gaaye reShamshad BegumNaya andaz1956
Bachke balam kahan jaogheShamshad BegumNaya andaz1956
Aaj suhani raatShamshad Begum, Mohd Rafi, Kishore KumarNaya andaz1956
Meri neendon men tumShamshad Begum, Kishore KumarNaya andaz1956
Chana jor garamShamshad Begum, Kishore KumarNaya andaz1956
Tumhi se pyarShamshad Begum, Kishore KumarNaya andaz1956
Saiyan raja laa deShamshad Begum, Kishore KumarNaya andaz1956
Too lage mora balmaShamshad BegumShrimati 4201956
Tum to hamare man menShamshad BegumShrimati 4201956
Hey bhagwan kit jaeShamshad Begum, Mohd RafiShrimati 4201956
Reshmi salwar kurta jaliShamshad Begum, Asha BhosleNaya daur1957
Yunhi baten na bana tooShamshad BegumQaidi1957
Saiyaan teri ankhiyon men dil koh gayaShamshad Begum12 0’ clock1958
Main jaan gayiShamshad Begum, Mohd RafiHowrah Bridge1958
Main hoon chanda si goriShamshad Begum, Asha BhosleKabhi andhera kabhi ujala1958
Main qartoonShamshad Begum, Mohd Rafi, Asha BhosleMr Qartoon M A1958
Hum pe dil aayaShamshad Begum, Mohd Rafi, Asha BhosleDo ustad1959
Idhar dekh mera dilShamshad Begum, Asha BhosleJaali note1960
Jab do dil ho bechainShamshad Begum, Asha BhosleAkalmand1966
Kajra mohabbat walaShamshad Begum, Asha BhosleKismat1968
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