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Shama (1961) – Review


A sentimental, illogical and over-melodramatic story of an indolent poet, his glamorous wife and the suffering “other girl” in love with him, “Shama” (which means flame) does not justify its title. It does little to light the heart of the cinemagoer and the distress of the title-role player (Nimmi) seems to be infectious, for the audience, too, suffers by merely watching the picture.

It is a pity that Kaifi Azmi’s beautiful lyrics are severely handicapped by their mediocre music except for three solos sung by Suraiya and the poor picturisation of the song sequences. However, many young people in love may derive solace, even entertainment, from the film.

The makers of the film are lucky that, despite everything in the picture going wrong, it is saved by the magnificent performances of the cast. In the title role of the suffering, self- sacrificing girl, Nimmi puts over a convincing portrayal. Vijay Dutt as the poet acts well, and singing star Suraiya, who stages a valiant comeback in this film, is impressive in the climactic sequences and makes the film a personal triumph. In fact, if “Shama” is to be remembered at all, it will be because Suraiya returned to the screen in this film.

Year – 1961

Language – Hindi

Country – India

Producer – Tasveeristan

Director – Lekhraj Bhakri

Music Director – Ghulam Mohammed

Box-Office Status

Cast – Kumud Tripathi, Nimmi, Vijay Dutt, Suraiya, Kumar, Kammo, Tarun Bose, Mumtaz Begum, Tuntun, Leela Misra, Renu Maker

Miscellaneous Information

Songs List

Music Director(s)
Aap sai pyar hua jaata hai
Ghulam Mohammad
Dhadakte dil ki tamanna
Ghulam Mohammad
Dil gaya to gaya
Shamshad Begum, Suman Kalyanpur
Ghulam Mohammad
Mast aankhoun mein shararat
Ghulam Mohammad
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