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Shahpara with Mohammad Ali

Shahpara was renowned Iranian actress who was invited by producer Mohsin Shirazi (later a popular host of TV chat shows) to work in his production Jaan Pehchan (1967). It was shot under the direction of Fareed Ahmed on locations that were never seen before in Pakistani movies. The Khewra salt mines in the rugged and rarely-frequented areas of Kalabagh offered a unique sight and added to the overall high standard of craftsmanship. Mohammed Ali and Shahpara fell in love on the sets of the film. They soon became formally engaged in a simple ceremony at Karachi. Ali was also reported to went after her to Tehran. Unfortunately, due to the personal differences between them, they soon parted their ways and Ali ended up marrying Zeba – Mushtaq Gazdar

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    I am interested in watching this film ”Jan Pehchan”. Can anyone please tell me is this film available on cd/Dvd/Vhs or not.


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      Hello Umar,

      As far as I know this film is not yet available on DVD, VCD or VHS.

      Mister Jinx

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