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Rules (Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula) (2003) – Review

Rules: Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula (2003)
N/A|N/A|05 Sep 2003
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Radha is employed with an advertising agency, and has a chance to see and meet prominent models. She meets her dreamboat, Vikram Verma, on one such day. Needless to state, she is madly in ...

When Vikram Varma (Milind Soman) confesses to Radha (Meera Vasudevan) that he loves her — which is what she has been trying to get him to do throughout Rules: Pyar Ka Superhit Formula — she decides she does not quite share the sentiment any more.

The viewer is surprised as is Vikram himself.

The denial is unexpected. As they say, this kahani has a twist.

Bollywood has often been accused of lacking in novelty. But every once in a while, there comes this film that convinces you a new age is about to dawn.

Rules, directed by Parvati Balagopalan, is one such movie. It is filled with small, lovely moments that make you laugh, cry and share every emotion with the actors onscreen. As Rules moves unpredictably through its tales — yes, tales — of love, sharing with you the rules of attraction, you realise this is not just another feel-good romance.

To enjoy this movie to its fullest, you have to follow five simple rules:

Rule #1

If you do not expect too much from this film, you will come out with a high. The story of Rules is that of a simple girl, Radha, who is crazy about a supermodel, Vikram. But Vikram already has a girlfriend.

A crestfallen Radha turns to her experienced grandmother (Tanuja) for help. Which she gets, in abundance.

The movie finds its way to a predictable ending through an unpredictable route.

Rule #2

Never try the rules of this film in real life.

This, however, does not apply to the film’s music. You find your feet tapping instantly to the music scored by Sandesh Shandilya (he’s the guy behind the chartbusting single You are my Soniya in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham). It is a pleasant mix of tuneful pop, classical and fusion.

Rule #3

Keep an eye on Tanuja. She delivers a brilliant performance. She talks a lot, but she will make you smile. She connects with the audience without much effort. She has the most screen time and deservedly so.

Rule #4

After watching the movie, you might wonder why Milind Soman is not considered a good actor. He grows on you with his subtle, understated performance.

His last movie December 16 was average fare. This film, however, should do well in the metros.

Rule #5

Don’t let the supporting cast go unnoticed. All have an important part to play. You will realize that as the movie unfolds.

Crisp editing ensures that Rules never really drags.

Meera Vasudevan does seem gawky initially, but her performance picks up as the movie progresses. For a debutante, the result is good.

At times, the amateurishness of the actors and the director does show but, on the whole, this movie is certainly worth a watch. (Reviewed by Ashish Magotra, Source – Rediff.com)

Year – 2003

Language – Hindi

Country – India

Producer – Nirja Shah

Director – Parvathi Balgopalan

Music Director – Sandesh Shandilya

Box-Office Status

Cast – Milind Soman, Meera Vasudevan, Tanuja, Namrata Baruwa

Miscellaneous Information – Not Available.

Songs List

SongYearSingersMusic DirectorLyricist(s)
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