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Reviews A – Z

Reviews A – Z

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Ajnabi (1962 – Ashfaq Malik’s ‘Ajnabi’ is based on a story which has all the ingredients of popular melodrama, but the film is not even half as exciting or entertaining as the story.)

Anokhi (1956 – Pakistani version of Hollywood’s “Fabulous Senorita”, “Anokhi” is a half-hearted attempt to bring the events and characters in accordance with Pakistani requirements.)

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Ilzam (1954 – Ilzam has all the ingredients of an intriguing romantic drama with enough explosive material in it to add the thrill of excitement in good measure.)

[title size=”2″]L

(1956 – Second Pakistani film to be based on the script of an Indian film, Vachan, and although comparison is generally odious, movie-goers might find it difficult to avoid.)

Lal Kunwar
(1952 – Apart from earning an “Adults Only” certificate from the Censors, the only achievement of the film is the transformation of a hackneyed three-cornered romance into a gruesome film story.)

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Miss Mala
(1954 – The characters and the story line are taken from the famous Hitchcock thriller, “Spellbound.” But beyond that fact, there is no resemblance and certainly no comparison between “Miss Mala” and “Spellbound.”)

Miss 56
(1956 – J.C. Anand’s Miss 56, is a comedy of the type in which the director sets out to make the audience laugh at any cost.)

Mr. Lambu
(1956 – Mr. Lambu is entirely in the line of the typical Sheikh Mukhtar picture, in which the main character, built to accommodate him in the dominant role, is the tough guy with a soft heart.)

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(1956 – In Pawan the writer touches on the inner working of evil rackets and the support they get from high social figures. Had the writer and director developed these ideas and presented them methodically the film might have become not only good entertainment but a valuable source of instruction as well.)

(1944 – Phool is fascinating film, as it mixes several ‘Islamicate’ genres, being partly a Muslim social, and partly an Arabian Nights fantasy.)

[title size=”2″]S

(1956 – Sarfarosh is based on a theme of universal appeal and one which has drawn writers and storytellers of all lands and all ages. Presenting the revolt of the weak and the oppressed against a powerful tyrant, the theme can hold a variety of entertaining material – adventure, romance, and sentimentalism.)

Street 77
(1960 – Street 77 inspired unmistakably by Odd Man Out, furnishes another example of good material affected by undue hankering after the box-office formula.)

(1953 – Surang, widely acclaimed as V. Shantaram’s saga of India’s quarrymen, turned out to be a misnomer and a poor, misconceived and misdirected one at that.)

[title size=”2″]W

(1956 – In Wehshi, the director has presented each and every sequence as if that in particular sets the tone for the whole picture. The film thus becomes, comedy, tragedy, musical, and mystery in turn and at the end the effect is hazy and obscure.)

[title size=”2″]Z

Zamana Kya Kahega
(1961 – Film-makers of Zamana Kya Kahega forgot the fact that crime thrillers and fantasies do not mix well. The more close to acceptable facts and recognizable characters one remains the more thrilling suspense will be and vice versa.)


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