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Raza Murad on Murad


Murad Murad

On May 12th 1996, the Cine Artistes’ Association held its annual meeting at the Holiday Inn – Mumbai. Raza Murad, son of the noted character actor Murad and an actor in his right, was the Vice President of Cine Artistes’ Association in 1996 and spoke briefly about his father Murad [who was unable to walk] during the meeting.

“In ’81, my father had an attack of paralysis. Although he has totally recovered from his illness, the use of his legs is still weak. The doctors were surprised that he recovered. Even after that attack, dad still continued to work in films. But today he has retired totally,” Raza explains.

“Dad began his career in 1941. He started as a character actor and remained one right up to ’87. He was launched by Mehboob Khan in his first home production Najma. This was Mehboob’s first film as a producer. Today, dad is 86 years old and I had to take him to the Cine Artistes’ Asso­ciation meeting. I am the Vice Pre­sident of the association.”

“I have been attending these meetings regularly for the last 20 years. But this was the best and the most well attended one. We had the intention of honouring our seniors like Naseem Banu, K. N. Singh, my father, Bhagwan and Mr. Jairaj. It was very emotional and touching. This was Mr. K. N. Singh’s first outing in many years. The irony is that he can’t see but he can hear. My father is 86 and he too has come out after a very long time. They were so happy to see and hear from each other after years. It was very emotional and it moved me.” (As told to Keith D’ Costa in 1996).

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