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Raj Ratan (1953) – Review



A DOUBLY tragic flop, firstly because all pictures cost money and mainly because it is the unit’s own production, made by the studio workers, actors and director on a co-operative profit-sharing basis, “Raj Ratan” is pathetic proof that even an all-star cast and the best teamwork in the world can never make up for lack of knowledge and know-how.

Starring some of the most popular players we have, all veteran artists with years of film experience behind them, “Raj Ratan” is undeniably a poor picture and stereotyped.

Based on Dumas’s thrilling novel, “The Three Musketeers,” the picture features Jairaj in the D’Artagnan role, Ranjana as his ladylove, Nirupa as the Queen, and Ullhas as the all-powerful Raj Guru—Richelieu in the book.

Unimaginative characterization and the heavy style of acting ruin most of the portrayals, especially those of Jairaj, Ullhas and Hiralal, the Raj Guru’s villainous lieutenant.

The chief defects in “Raj Ratan” are the direction and the treatment, both of which are amateurish and innocent of showmanship. The two stars who rise above the naive direction are Nirupa Roy, who looks unutterably beautiful, and Sapru who makes a handsome king.

The heroine’s role, portrayed by Ranjana, is reminiscent of the coy, arch leading ladies of years ago, and she tends to overplay the part. Tabassum, as usual, is badly directed and puts her lines over in a jarring manner.

The music by Ninu Mazumdar is poor. The dances, however, are good though naively presented. The photography, costumes, decor and settings are very good.

Year – 1953

Language – Hindi

Country – India

Producer – Mohan Pictures

Director – Indu Kumar

Music Director – Ninu Mazumdar

Box-Office Status

Cast – Nirupa Roy, Ranjana, Jairaj, Ullhas, Sapru, Hiralal, Roopmala, Baby Tabassum, Trilok Kapoor

Miscellaneous Information – Not Available.

Songs List

Music Director(s)
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  1. STAR CAST:Nirupa Rai, Ranjna, Jai Raj, Ulhas, Sapru, Heera Lal, Roopmala, Baby Tabassum, Anwari Bai, Parkash, P. D. Lal

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