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Pompi – Profile, Interview & Filmography


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Real Name – ?

Profession – Actress

Active Years – 1970s

Nationality – Indian

Religion – Not Available

Ethnicity – Haryanvi

Date of Birth – April 2nd, 1948 (Karnan, Haryana)

Date of Death – Not Available

Debut FilmEk Thi Reeta (1971)

Last FilmEk Thi Reeta (1971)

Significant others in the Film Industry – N/A


“One has to establish an image as an actress in the minds of the public and this I think is very important for anyone who wants to stay in films," said Pompi, the pretty new-comer. "Secondly, one has to get a great role to create this image. This is not easy to get for anyone, particularly for new­comers. Great roles should por­tray real women, yet with enough faults which alone makes an act­ress look like a real person in flesh and blood on the screen."

Continuing Pompi said, "The common fault with screen hero­ines in Indian films is that they are all too good to be human and real. Most heroines in our films are good girls, innocent and much wronged than doing anything wrong. So, the roles of our he­roines are too perfect without any faults. All of us know that there is no such thing as a per­fect human being. Everyone has one fault or two or even more. Take the Shakespearean tragedies. It is the fault in hu­man beings that brings about tra­gedies in human life. Shakes­peare does not sketch the too perfect heroes and heroines but imperfect ones with some faults. Only when there is imperfection there is reality and I wish our producers do not portray the too good human beings on the screen because they are far from real."

With a face that is animated and full of vitality, five feet three and half inches in height Pompi looked a fairy in her luxurious suite at Hotel Nataraj, Bombay. She was clad in a simple white saree and looked like an ordi­nary girl in any respectable home. Born on April 2, 1948 in Karnan in Haryana, she is a gra­duate in Arts from the Delhi Uni­versity. Her father was Deputy Director of Agriculture and had served both in the Central and State Govern­ments. Belonging to a high-class family her bear­ing and poise re­veal good breed­ing. There is elegance, good and pleasing manners coupled with politeness.

At college, she had won the award as the ‘best dancer’ having learnt Bharat Natyam in a school in Delhi. She had always won the first prize for acting on the stage. Call it a coincidence, most educated girls who act on the stage think of a film career without exception. So, it will not be a wonder that within a few years almost all girls from the college with some stage experience adopting a film career. It has become the fashion and Pompi with her good and pretty looks and her popularity as a dancer and stage artiste did get into films to use her talents for the benefit of the people.

Pompi was invited to the screen even while reading in college but she did not want to interrupt her studies and joined films only after graduat­ing. It was producer-director Roop K. Shorey who spotted her and was not slow to hook her into a contract for acting in films directed and produced by him. Pompi has acted in a magnificent role in the double version of Roop K. Shorey’s Ek Thi Reeta in Hindi and A Girl Called Rita in English. The picture is completed and awaits early release.

After spotting her, Roop K. Shorey gave her some dialogue and later subjected her to all kinds of screen tests. As Pompi’s mind was in films she got out of these tests triumphantly and stepped into films making her debut in Ek Thi Reeta in both the versions. "My entry into films had been very easy," said Pompi. "It all depends on pro­per approach with the right persons," said she.

The role she has in Ek Thi Reeta is that of a girl caught in the net of high society women who under the guise of respectability carry on shady transactions against law and order. She is an innocent victim of society women who for their own ends decoy young girls into their net. She has as her co-star the talented and sprightly Tanuja. "It was a pleasure to work with so experienced a star. She was of immense help to me."

Recalling an interesting inci­dent in the filming of Ek Thi Reeta, Pompi said she had to drive a Mercedes, which she had never driven previously, during an outdoor shooting at Delhi. The road was narrow and her companion in the car urged her to drive fast and when negotiat­ing a sharp turn was about to fall into a ditch which she adroitly avoided to the relief of all concerned. "There is the instinct of self-preservation in all human beings. At times of danger it is this instinct that helps us all get over possible dangers."

Her first shooting schedule in Ek Thi Reeta was a song dance number. "It went on for eight days continuously. Possibly director Roop K. Shorey started my initial shooting to make me familiar with films with a familiar atmosphere. As a dancer I was at home and later on went on with the shooting of subsequent scenes without any the least embarrassment. It was all thrill­ing."

About films as a career for educated girls Pompi said, "As long as one minds his or her work and get successful it is a good profession."

"I like to play all kinds of women : chic ones, sleek ones, sweet ones, troubled ones and so on," said Pompi about her possible roles in films.

She sees almost all Indian films whenever she is free. Waheeda Rehman is her favorite star among the females. "She is a great actress and if proof is required one has to see her latest film Khamoshi. The film teaches youngsters and new­comers like me how to act."

Dilip Kumar is her favorite among the males. "He could act any role perfectly. He dominates in the role so much that one forgets his age."

Pompi is presently tied up in a contract with Roop K. Shorey. "Better to stick to one whom one knows. He knows me well and I know him well and what more is required for an actress starting her life? It is all pleasant and congenial."

She likes sarees with light colors though she has no objection to wear any kind of dress. Paint­ing and shopping are her favorite hobbies.

"I like to read and so absorbed I get while reading that I will not leave the book until I finish with it.”

Her parents are understanding folks and allowed her to act in films. "If they had objected how could I be in films?" she asked.

She walks or rather glides and speaks with a softness that en­chants the hearers.

"I don’t think I would copy anybody in my acting career. But I do admire lot of people. I know it is always best to be original and assert one’s individua­lity though at present, I do not know how I am going to achieve it." (This interview was conducted in 1971)


Filmographies might not be 100% accurate or complete because of various reasons including artistes with similar names.

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