Parveen Babi, Shabana Azmi, Rajesh Khanna and Zeenat Aman in Ashanti (1982)

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  1. Super Star Rajesh Khanna – Singular and exceptional
    Super Star Rajesh Khanna was never alone. Others slept, their heads shrouded by a water jug of time. Khanna’s eyes were never closed to us or to the eternity to which he is blessed to forever see. His love, that which he gave and received, could not be swept away no matter what wind prevailed. Khanna emerges from the depths of his own dimensions with stars and seashells in his hands. He is singular and exceptional and this prevails. With Rajesh Khanna we are locked in the moment of light and all prevasive memory. No truths about him are devoid of expectation. Others have been perishable monuments to history. hanna is the figure of those blessed in time on the impassivity of what is incorruptible. No heart that has felt his acting; heard the golden voice; known his magnanimity can be numbed; for he is the unforgotten action of unforgettable readiness. To be a thespian signifies light. Super Star Rajesh Khanna is is like looking at the noon day sun. Khanna is a Super Star for in his eyes the vivid darkness of the seas of our souls are made into clear waters.

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