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Parivar (1967) – Review


Gopal is a firm believer in family planning. He is a doctor. His step-mother drives him out of the house for his impertinence in condemning continued additions to the family. Gopal then marries Meena and puts his ideal family planning to practice. He undergoes a vasectomy operation after his third child was born but the last born-a girl-is dead. They later resort to adoption of a girl because Meena wanted a daughter as well, since her earlier ones were boys. Gopal’s father finds himself in a sea because of unplanned family. One of his daughters commits suicide because she has been outraged and then the father finds himself in great economic trouble. Then there is the picture of another man with a number of children and continues to procreate in spite of the bad health of his wife. The enraged father seeks vengeance on the one who had outraged the virginity of his daughter. He murders him and the son Gopal takes on him the guilt. Then all things come out. Gopal emerges finally as not only a good son of his father but also an ideal family planner.

Jeetendra as Dr. Gopal does his best in free style. His acting is convincing as it has been done with restraint and dignity. In the emotional sequences he does commendably by using appropriate facial expressions. Nanda somehow does not come up to the mark. Padma Rani as the wife of Sitaram who craves for more children gives very good portrayal. She does her part with artistry. Om Prakash as the father of Gopal carries his way with his wonted polished acting. Krishan Dhawan is good.

The film dealing with the story of a twice married man with a large number of children and boiling down things, the moral of the film is that a man has no right to have a large family when he
has no means to support it and keep them in reasonable comfort.

Kewal P. Kashyap the producer director emerges in an impressive way. His film is timely and his handling of the subject is convincing. In the earlier portion there is lot of jugglery, but later coming nearer to the end he gathers the strings and comes out as a director with imagination and skill.

Dialogue is good in parts. Music is adequate.

Year – 1967

Language – Hindi

Country – India

Producer – K. P. K. Movies

Director – K. P. Kashyap

Music Director – Kalyanji-Anandji

Box-Office Status

Cast – Sumati Gupte, Jeetendra, Nanda, Rajendranath, Sulochana Chatterjee, Randhir, Gulshan Bawra, Krishna Dhawan, Manmohan, Sarita Khatau, Jankidas, Tuntun, Madhvi, Om Prakash, Padma Rani

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