Nisho made quite a sensation when she first made her appearance on the big screen in the early 70’s with Baazi. At first people thought she would occupy the slot left by Shamim Ara, which is to say the traditional mashriqui aurat. And that would have been rather quite predictable with her coy mannerism, complete with blushes and dimple in the cheek, that would make her appear like a virgin. Plus that `educated middle class look’ at her face (younger readers who may not have seen her on the screen are advised against judging her from the irritatingly dumb and blank look of her now-more-familiar-daughter Sahiba).

Nisho did successfully well in order to break out of her Nek Perveen image with Mulaqat and Mitti key Putlay, films in which she played headstrong rich girl. Her best memorable film, however, remains Bahisht, a social drama against the backdrop of tensions between a wife (Nisho) and a mother (Nayyar Sultana) to gain possession over a hapless son (Nadeem). The film had a hit song that most of us would perhaps remember: Kal tak jo kehtay thhay apna. Her best films, after the most successful ones with Nadeem, are those in which she stars with Waheed Murad. Besides Mulaqat already quoted above, these include Jaal (1973), Zubeda (1976) and Rastay ka Patthar (1976).

Nisho retired from the film industry amidst marital crisis on the personal front in the late 70’s. She did not come back in character roles (which, in our industry, is generally a euphemism for the you-are-too-haggish-to-do-better-roles) and appears in film ceremonies mostly as a chaperon to her daughter – Khurram Ali Shafique

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