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Nirdosh (1950) – Review


The Filmistan banner which was proudly hoisted as a symbol of intelligence and imagination by such pictures like Sindoor, Shaheed, Shabnam and Samadhi is sadly and ignobly lowered by Nirdosh. In Nirdosh you will not find even a shred of intelligence, an ounce of commonsense or a slight vestige of logic which one has come to expect of the Filmistan Studio.

It has a hackneyed story running on a beaten track and an insipid and tripe direction which enhances the gloom of utter frustration and deep foreboding that seizes the audience with the very first shot of Miss Rehana talking blatantly to her pet horse and thus showing less sense than the latter. In fact the horse steals the scene even from director Najam Naqvi, the man who, to quote a famous poet, has been mainly responsible for bringing down that Filmistan scepter into the dust. Of course the horse may not think it very creditable or laudable an achievement to have snatched a victory from Mr. Naqvi hands and may not think a comparison to him very complimentary to itself. In fact as one cynic has said horse sense is that which restrains horses from betting on what men will do next. And our cynical friend did not even know Mr. Naqvi. I think Mr. Naqvi had some vague and indistinct idea of a serenade to a donkey without knowing what a serenade is and mixing up the identities of the donkey and the horse.

It is indeed very tragic that Mr. Najam Naqvi who had once again been given an opportunity in Nirdosh to redeem his name from the stigma that is attached to it as a maker of consistent flops, should fail to take advantage of it and on the contrary create a dismal, gawky melodrama that disgusts you with its uninteresting presentation. That is of course paradoxical but it only serves to point out what Mr. Najam Naqvi is capable of when he even destroys the charm that never existed. For this Mr. Naqvi deserves all the bouquets for the unique distinction of having achieved the non-existent.

I have had the misfortune of reviewing in these very columns many Indian pictures that for sheer absurdity and boredom would take top credits but I am at a loss to find a suitable place of honor for Nirdosh. It is a picture of over 13,000 feet which with a little more commonsense and drastic editing might have become interesting. As it is, it drags its course in a cumbersome manner to reach the end while its slow progress becomes a deadly menace to the time and the money of the unhappy spectators. There are innumerable songs, which are mostly unmusical, played at psychologically the wrong places. I remember someone saying something about music being the food of life. The heroine in Nirdosh certainly thrived on songs and did a good job of it to judge from Miss Rehana’s figure which had put on weight both in the right and wrong places. It was also queer to watch her burst forthwith into a song the moment her lover leaves her for an indefinite period to say nothing about her brazen effrontery in doing so right on the platform under the bewildered glances and the doleful shakes of the passerby’s heads. Then there are the occasions when she sings on the bed crying her eyes out at the same time, and also on the occasions when she dances, walks, sits and runs.

All the artistes gave performances, which to say the least, were of the most poor caliber. Rehana, Shyam, Kuldip Kaur, Om Prakash, artistes well-seasoned and groomed in their work, gave a very poor show of their abilities, while the many supporting artists completely succeeded in being non-entities.

Surprisingly enough music by Shyam Sunder was utterly hopeless and not a single song stands a fair chance of ever becoming popular. MARSHALL Braganza who photographed Shabnam so well, did a poor job of Nirdosh.

Year – 1950

Language – Hindi

Country – India

Producer – Filmistan

Director – Najam Naqvi

Music Director – Shyam Sunder

Box-Office Status

Cast – Misra, Rehana, Om Prakash, K. N. Singh, S. M. Abbas, Shyam, Kuldip Kaur, S. L. Puri, Mukri

Miscellaneous Information – Not Available.

Songs List

SongYearSingersMusic DirectorLyricist(s)
Aye Ishq Hamen Awaz Na De1950ShamshadShyam SundarRaja Mehdi Ali Khan
Bata Aye Do Jahan Wale….Duniya Mein Hamari1950ShamshadShyam SundarRaja Mehdi Ali Khan or Asad Bhopali or S. H. Bihari
Chhammak challoo aayi tunnak chaal chale1950Shamshad BegumShyam Sunder
Chhammak Chhallo…Thunmak-4 Chaal Chale Ithalai1950Shamshad-chorusShyam SundarRaja Mehdi Ali Khan
Dil Ke Tukde Tujhe Seene Se Laga Loon1950Meena KapoorShyam SundarRaja Mehdi Ali Khan
Dil na lagana1950Shamshad Begum, Satish BatraShyam Sunder
Dil Na Lagana Sun Panchhi1950Satish Batra-Shamshad-sathiShyam SundarRaja Mehdi Ali Khan
Duniya men hamare kismat1950Shamshad BegumShyam Sunder
Gaye wo mere dil ko veeran karke1950Shamshad BegumShyam Sunder
Is dil ko tadapna hai1950Shamshad BegumShyam Sunder
Ishq men hum zindagi1950Shamshad BegumShyam Sunder
Maaro na nainwa ke baan1950Shamshad BegumShyam Sunder
Maro Na Nainwa Ke Baan1950ShamshadShyam SundarRaja Mehdi Ali Khan
Mere pee hain jahan1950Shamshad BegumShyam Sunder
Mere Pee Hain Jahan Mujhko Le Chal Wahan1950ShamshadShyam SundarRaja Mehdi Ali Khan
Na Aaye The…Gaye To Mere Dil Ko1950ShamshadShyam SundarS. H. Bihari
Wo Mujhase Door…Ye Meri Chalati Firti Lash1950LataShyam SundarAsad Bhopali
Ye Kis Duniya…Is Dil Ko Tadapana Hai1950ShamshadShyam SundarRaja Mehdi Ali Khan or Asad Bhopali or S. H. Bihari
Yeh meri chalti phirti laash1950Lata MangeshkarShyam Sunder
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