Naseem – Profile

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Naseem – Profile


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Real Name –  Naseem ?

Profession – Actress

Most Active/Popular Decades – 1970s

Religion – Muslim

Ethnicity – N/A

Date of Birth – N/A

Date of Death – N/A

Debut Film –  Kabhie Kabhie (1976)

Last FilmKabhie Kabhie (1976)

Significant others in the Film IndustryMumtaz (Cousin, Actress), Malaika (Cousin, Actress)

Miscellaneous Info – Mumtaz’s cousin Naseem appeared in only one film, Raakhee-Amitabh starrer Kabhie Kabhie (1976). She played the light-hearted “Pinky’ in that film matching her acting with more experienced co-stars. Although she was offered more roles later, she refused them because she never took her film career seriously.

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  1. 1 year ago  

    Heena Siddiqi

    She is married n living in mississauga, Ontario Canada. She Own a salon which I used to work for 2 years ago. Recently I got to know she is the same.

    • 2 months ago  


      She is my childhood crush, I will be highly obliged if you could tell me about the salon’s name and location, I will like to see her during my upcoming visit to Canada,

  2. 1 year ago  

    mira banad

    heena…please share about her…like her hobbys..interesting about,etc. thankyou for the information

  3. 9 months ago  

    Rukman Khan

    She was more beautiful and hood looking than Neetu Singh who was obese those days.. apologies ladles but it is the truth.

  4. 4 months ago  


    She was my classmate for2years in Palm Beach film and TV institute Mumbai along with Shekhar Kapur Shahid Kapoor,me Kamal Raj Sharma,habiba Rehman , choreographer these days,vinay Kumar…etc
    Goga Kapoor,o p Kohli,joy Mukherjee,actress sadhna,i.s.johar,oroducer ram Dayal,herine Vijay chowdhry,asha sachdev,sanjeevkumar,jalal agha,randhawa brother of data Singh were close visitors of our school of acting at Database road…

  5. 2 months ago  


    She played the role of Sweetie, not Pinky.

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