Naseebo Lal


Once upon a time (well, not so long ago), there lived a queen. She sang and ruled over the hearts of her listeners. Her reign lasted for 60 long years. In her seventh decade, she fell sick and died. The whole kingdom was berieaved and did’nt know how to cope with the loss. Her eldest daughter tried to take her place, but failed. She had inherited the looks, but definitely not the voice.

Then came a girl from nowhere, her voice closely resembling the queen. Similar range, same expression yet lacking the finesse. She was ridiculed and pushed a side, yet. She persevered and at last, her persistence paid.

Today, more than a year after Melody Queen Noor Jehan’s death, Naseebo Lal has succeeded in establishing her voice and name on the screens of Punjabi cinema. From Wajahat Atrey to Tafu, composers who had until yesterday composed for Madam Noor Jehan, are now making tunes for Naseebo. From Reema to Saima, heroines whose dancing careers had risen and fallen with the slightest twitch of the vocal strings of Malika-e-Tarannum, are now dancing joyously over songs sung by Naseebo Lal. She is going strong with her — Kaddi Te Hans Bol Wey, Na Jind Saddee Rol Wey (Dada Badmash), Wichrran Wichrran Karna Ain (Wehshi Jat), Waddey Bol Boley Banda (Babbo Khan).

Counters at music wholesale and retail shops overall the country are doing a running business with her cassettes and CDs. From tributes for Madam Noor Jehan, to prime-time television shows, she is making her appearances everywhere. Distributers of Punjabi movies who in the 80s and 90s just would’nt pick a movie without Noor Jehan’s numbers, are fast becoming dependent on Naseebo’s vocals. Like her predecessor, she too is making them roll in gold and all over again.

Well, Pakistan’s Punjabi Cinema has been lucky at that. Sultan Rahi was murdered and they resurrected another-out of young and brawny Shaan. Anjuman retired and there came in Saima, same height, similar stature. Madam Noor Jehan died and now Naseebo Lal has nicely fit into the musical high heels of the legendary singer.

At last, Cinderella has found her boarings. Music is indeed Naseebo Lal’s love. May she live and sing, happily everafter.

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