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Yasmin Khan

Real Name – Shamshad

Profession – Actress

Active Years

Nationality – Pakistani

Religion – Muslim

Date of Birth

Date of Death

Debut Film

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Significant others in the Film Industry

More Information – Shamshad alias Yasmeen Khan was born in Peshawar in 1950 and she shifted to Karachi in the early ’60s where she launched her film career by playing a lead role in the first ever hit Pashto movie Yousaf Khan Sherbano released in December 1970.

When the Urdu action film Dulhan Ek Raat Ki was released in 1975, it made the Pushto actors in the cast overnight stars, including Yasmeen Khan who was featured in the excellently choreographed dance number, Aaja aaja karle pyar, kehti hai suhani shaam. It made her into a superstar and she was later cast in Punjabi movies as well, such as Hathkari (1976) where she appeared in the song, Jawani meri bijli toofan mera nakhra.

However, Yasmeen Khan distanced herself from the film industry when vulgarity and obscenity crept into Pushto cinema, tarnishing the image of true Pukhtun culture and identity.

Yasmeen’s first marriage to film star Saqi ended in divorce. Later, she married Khurram Bari, the owner of Bari Studios. Unfortunately, the union also could not last long. A young man called Arifullah from an affluent family had eyes only for Yasmeen and they got married and shifted to Peshawar.

Yasmeen isolated herself from all kinds of showbiz activity and turned to religion and charity. But Arif’s parents refused to accept Yasmeen as a daughter-in-law and disinherited Arif who was prone to gambling, among other vices, and already had a first wife, something which Yasmeen found out much later. She tried her best to make him alter his ways but only ended up making him furious.

Sick of Yasmeen’s attempts to reform him, on April 15, 1999 he killed her and locked the door from outside. After two days, Yasmeen’s body was found and given a decent burial. It shocked everyone, especially those in Lollywood, as they had great admiration for the lady.

Later, Arifullah was murdered while trying to get married a third time. His parents didn’t accept his dead body and his friends buried him (M. Saeed Awan – Source – Dawn.com)

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