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Profession – Actress

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Nationality – Iranian


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More Information – Although she was originally from Iran, Tarana made herself very much at home in Pakistan’s dances and movie worlds. She was discovered by a Lahore filmmaker while waltzing and fox-trotting at Karachi’s myriad dance halls. The movie that made her immensely famous throughout the country, Jaan Pehchan, also starred another Iranian actress, Shahpara, with Mohammad Ali in the lead. It was released in the mid-‘60s. Masood Akhtar was cast opposite her in a Bengal-based vehicle, Karavan where she first gained notice playing an upper class’60s mod girl – a role she re-enacted to perfection all through that swinging era in films like Naureen. She stretched her acting mettle when she played the role of a prostitute with distinction in Riaz Shahid’s Khamosh Raho. Hers was not a conventionally eastern face: neither coy nor overly pretty, a requisite of the Pakistani film industry of that era. Although that may have lost her some film roles, it did not prevent her from being noticed by some of the country’s leading political figures of the transitional echelon. Her curvy western silhouette made her a natural Sari wearer, but towards the end of her career, both she and ‘60s model, Rakhsanda Khatak became ‘flapper girls.’ Too much politicking and partying left the once ‘beautiful body’ bloated, and Tarana left films and Pakistan in the late ‘70s – Mag The Weekly – Karachi

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