Reshma –


Real Name

Profession – Actress

Active Years – 1960s (In Urdu Films)

Nationality – Bangladeshi

Religion – Muslim

Date of Birth

Date of Death

Debut FilmIndhan (1966)

Last Film – Perhaps Jina Bhi Mushkil (1969)

Significant others in the Film Industry

More Information – Reshma (not to be confused with singer Reshma) was introduced in Urdu films by Rehman in Indhan (1966). Indhan had a bold theme on the conflict between sexual urge and morality. The film revolved around a rich man who is left alone with a young and poor maid servant while his wife is away and he is torn between desire and middle class moral values. Later Reshma appeared in few other Urdu films. Besides Indhan, which is generally considered as the best performance of her career, other notable films to her credit include Chakori, Chand Aur Chandni, Ghar Pyara Ghar and Shehnai.

Last update on her was in 2004 when Mr. Aijaz Gul of NAFDEC (National Film Development orporation) visited Dhaka – Bangladesh to attend a film festival. According to an email by him, Reshma has become a deeply religious woman and observes complete pardah and doesn’t meet anybody.

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