Niggo –


Real Name

Profession – Actress (Dancer)

Active Years

Nationality – Pakistani

Religion – Muslim

Date of Birth

Date of Death

Debut Film

Last Film

Significant others in the Film Industry

More Information – Niggo was an attractive young woman who impressed all those she came across with her excellent dancing skills. She was chosen by all the Punjabi filmmakers of her time to perform classic mujra dance numbers in their films which were equivalent to the ‘item’ numbers in present-day films. Niggo, thus, was the first and foremost choice for the mujra girl.

While working in the film Qasu (1972) produced by Khawaja Mazhar, she fell in love with the producer and they got married soon after. The marriage sparked fury in Niggo’s family (according to the old tradition of Lahore’s Shahi Mohalla no girl can marry or travel without her family being compensated financially).

When all attempts to bring her back proved futile, Niggo’s mother pretended to be terminally ill and begged Niggo to come and see her one last time. Upon her visit, the mother and some close family members brainwashed Niggo into believing that her husband was not right for her and her family. She succumbed to family pressure and refused to return to her husband’s home.

An unsuspecting and utterly confused Khawaja Mazhar dispatched his production controller, called Mamma, to bring the situation under control and pave the way for Niggo’s return. Even music director Manzoor Ashraf, who had Niggo’s ear at the time when the love affair was in full bloom, could not convince her to return to her husband’s home.

Then came the fateful day when a furious Khawaja Mazhar reached the red light area and opened fire with a Sten Gun (a popular choice of firearm in those days) and killed his wife Niggo on the spot. The news of her murder spread like wildfire since such an incidence within the industry was unheard of during those days. Niggo’s mother vowed revenge, and Khawaja Mazhar was sentenced to life imprisonment by a court of law. Naturally the media had a heyday during the very public trial. After completing his sentence, Khawaja Mazhar died a natural death and was buried in his home town in Gujranwala (M. Saeed Awan – Source –

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