Nadira –


Real Name

Profession – Actress

Active Years

Nationality – Pakistani

Religion – Muslim

Date of Birth

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Significant others in the Film Industry

More Information – She had a sparkling element to her dazzling beauty coupled with brilliant acting skills. She dominated the Lollywood screen for eight years, acting in both Punjabi and Urdu movies. Besides acting she was a woman of gentle demeanor and was respected widely among colleagues. She was often found making generous charity donations to film technicians and their families.

Besides films, she also used to perform at private functions and it is rumored that she once earned Rs 5.2 million (52 lakhs) for a single night’s mujra. Uptill then, film star Naina was rumored to have made Rs5.6 million (56 lacs) likewise. Like Nadira, she also succumbed to a similar fate.

“Jiss waqt Nadra ne studio main pehla qadam rakha, to woh uss time ki mehngi tareen car mein studios aaye thi. Warna to zyada tar adakarain dosron ki cars ya rickshaw/taxi mein studio pohonchti theen,” (When Nadra first entered the studios, she arrived in the most expensive car at that time which she personally owned. Back then aspiring actresses usually arrived at the studios in other people’s cars or by rickshaws/taxis) remembers Guddu of Guddu Film Archive.

Due to Nadra’s ethereal good looks, a lot of affluent and well-connected people were also quite eager to find favor with her. Someone close to Nadira at the time told this writer that once during a trip to London, she had withdrawn money from a bank which was transferred from the Emirates.

She also started a property buying business with her husband which led to a misunderstanding and conflict between them. In 1995, she was gunned down while leaving a restaurant, and while some suspicion did fall on her husband the police investigation gave no results. No arrests were ever made by the authorities in connection to her murder.

Nadira’s death dealt a severe blow to Lollywood producers who had signed her in their forthcoming movies. She left a definite and lasting impact on the industry during her brief career span (M. Saeed Awan – Source –

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