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Real Name

Profession – Actress (Dancer)

Active Years – 1950s – 1970s

Nationality – Indian

Religion – Hindu

Date of Birth

Date of Death

Debut Film

Last Film

Significant others in the Film Industry – Balam (Husband, Actor)

More Information – If you watch Hindi films from 1950s, you must recognize Kammo by face if not by name. She, along with Cuckoo, Minoo Mumtaz, Helen, Kum Kum and Sheila Vaz, was one of the top dancers during the 1950s. She started her career probably around early 1950s and appeared as a Goan dancer in Guru Dutt’s Jaal (1952) and Arabian dancer in N. Bhatt’s costume-drama Sindbad the Sailor (1952). Later she appeared in innumerable films throughout the ’50s, ’60s amnd 70’s including House No 44 (1955), Howrah Bridge (1958), and Solva Saal (1958).

She married character actor Balam and settled down in Bandra, India.

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