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Naheed Niazi


Naheed Niazi

Naheed Niazi was one of the popular playback singers of the late 50s and 60s. She was discovered by Khurshid Anwar, who wasn’t happy with the available choices of playback singers (with the exception of Noor Jehan). Khurshid Anwar wanted Noor Jehan to sing Zehr-e-Ishq’s songs. Noor Jehan refused to sing because she was still a singing-star at that time and wanted to play the leading role assigned to Mussarat Nazir. With no other choice, Khurshid Anwar recorded one of the songs Mohe piya milan ko janey dai in the voice of Iqbal Bano, but he was not happy with the results.

Khurshid Anwar then contacted Geeta Dutt because he had very high opinion of Geeta Dutt’s singing abilities (Geeta has sung several beautiful songs for Khurshid Anwar in Nishana and Neelam Pari in India) and she agreed to sing songs of Zehr-e-Ishq. However, some Pakistani film magazines started negative campaign for not using Pakistani playback singers. Khurshid Anwar then considered introducing a new voice. He trained one of the daughters of his friend Sajjad Sarwar Niazi (former director at Radio Pakistan) and thus Nahid Niazi (real name Shaida Niazi) entered the film industry as a playback singer.

It is not a coincidence then that Naheed Niazi’s voice is reminiscent of Geeta Dutt’s singing style. Besides singing some of the most soulful melodies for his mentor Khurshid Anwar including Na koi saiyyan mera (Jhoomar), Mohe piya milan ko janey dai (Zehr-e-Ishq), Raqs mein hai sara jahan (Ayaz), Chahey bolo ya na bolo (Ghoonghat), she formed a successful team with her husband-cum-music director Muslehuddin and sang several hits for him.

Some of the hits delivered by Naheed-Muslehuddin team include Jaag taqdeer ko jaga loun gi (Aadmi), Mera kaha kabhi maan lou (Aadmi), Raat saloni aayi with Ahmed Rushdi (Zamana Kiya Kahey Ga), Samajh na aayey dil ko kahan (Daal Mein Kala), Raat chali hai jhoom kai with Ahmed Rushdhi (Josh) and Ae aasmaan (Yahudi Ki Ladki).

After the creation of Bangladesh, the two went through a traumatic experience in 1971 because Muslehuddin was Bengali. The creation of Bangladesh led to many couples making painful decisions regarding their future together. Rumors regarding Bengali husbands leaving their West-Pakistani wives spread, which included rumors about Naheed’s own marriage, and had her family worried sick.

Moslehuddin and Naheed eventually conquered the division and started a new life in the UK. They made a big impact in their adopted country and rumor has it that Moslehuddin, helped invent the famous South Asian dish ‘Chicken Tikka Masala,’ which has become an essential part of British gastronomy. “It is true,” Naheed confirmed.

Naheed Niazi has lived a life of relative seclusion following the death of her husband, in 2003. Nowadays, Naheed spends a lot of time learning the Bengali language. The need to understand more of what her husband wrote has inspired her to do so.

Besides her good looks, Naheed has a gentle demeanour and charm that oozes a sense of confidence. Through her measured words one can gather that she has adapted well to her life in the United Kingdom, but nevertheless misses Pakistan very much. She visits her son in California off and on and likes to spend most of her time with her grandchildren, both in the US and UK, where her daughter Nermin lives.

Naheed regards Ek Baar Phir Kaho Zara as her all time favorite song, composed by her father and originally sung by Shamshad Begum. Her favourite female singers are Noor Jehan and Lata Mangeshkar. Amongst male voices, those of Mohammed Rafi and Mehdi Hassan as well as Ahmed Rushdi have a special appeal for her – Ummer Siddique

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  1. I have just read the information about me, which needs to be corrected regarding some very important aspects of my life.

    I am unsure as to how you will decide to contact me, yet I feel it is of major importance that you do.

    Thank you for gathering this info and publishing it.

    nahid niazi moslehuddin

  2. nahid niazi moslehuddin is just a cronie .. new singers have made their place in the hearts of people , like bilal saeed , soon a new face HAMZA MOATSIM will be introduced in singing
    with single “bs teri yaad hai ”

    kamran hayat

  3. …good yar” hamza moatsim billah ”
    … u sang 12 saal guitar version in our studio for ur comuters project and it was really nice dude 🙂

    keep up !

  4. assalam u alaikum …..:)

    MUjHy Madam Naheed niazi ka aik show ata tha kaliyon ki mala…us main aik poem thi jungle main sher nay kachehri lagai … Woo kaheen nahi mil rahi ;(
    Need it

  5. Dear Naheed Niazi !! AOA

    No doubt, you are great singer and I confess it.You have sung lot of songs but the song which attract me very very much is ‘Sayyan Jee Ko Dhond Nay Chali “. It is not useless to write you here that this song I got it after 6-7 years constant struggle and daily it listen it.
    I am working in Holy Makkah Al-Mukarrmah as a Documents Controller. If you come here for Umrah OR Hajj, please contract you as I will feel very very very happy to serve you.
    In the last I request to reply me and I shall wait of it. Thank you in advance

  6. Please reply me at your earliest possible so that I may know that you got my comments.

    This is my second comments in your favor I don’t you got the both or not? It will be known from your reply.

    I advise you to check your e-mail address twice in a weak. This is my suggestion and not order.

  7. Mrs. Niazi, A Bengali song titled “Anek jibane alor lagna, Ekti ” jibane sandhya” which you sang at a time when it was East Pakistan. This song I was very fond of and I did not know who the singer was. I sought this song and the singer for a very long time but had no success. Only yesterday I tried again in the computer and to my surprise I got it. I was extremely happy and taken aback to the past. I have been listening to it all the time since. Dear I am very fond of music and sing always on my own audience. I along with my wife met you at a family gathering in 1982 ( with your husband, who asked me to visit your house at Inkelfield Rd near Five ways but it never happened) . I sang some song in that meeting and you advised me that I should sing for public. After that meeting we are lost. I am sad to discover that your husband has left this world. He was such a lovely humble man. I wish you all the best. Sincerely Dr. M M Rahman, Birmingham. 07951646761

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