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My Most Embarrassing Moment – by Jabeen Jalil (1962)


I suffered my most embarrassing moment when I was thirteen years old. I had a passion for seeing films, and there was one film in particular that I most wanted to see. The trouble, however, was that the film was meant for adults only. How was I to see it?

An idea flashed across my mind. One of my classmates and I decided to wear makeup, heels and saris to look older. My friend was accustomed to wearing saris, but I had never donned one before. But now with her help I got a sari around me—and a few years on me!

Everything went off perfectly. The smartly-dressed usher, without any misgivings, lead us to our seats. We felt really thrilled sitting in the auditorium among grown-ups, seeing a sort of film we had never seen before!

After the show was over, we got up from our seats and walked regally towards the exit. Suddenly I felt all eyes focussed on me. This gave me an eerie feeling, a feeling that all wasn’t well. I looked about me, perplexed. Nothing wrong—and yet people were staring at me. “People are like that,” I said to myself, and walked on when—when to my horror I found that the pleats of my sari had come out. The “pallav” was still on me, but the rest of the sari was trailing behind me.

I collected my sari and ran towards the cloakroom, shouting for my friend to follow me. Whilst helping me to put it on, my friend kept giggling continuously. At first I was very annoyed with her, but then I realised how funny I must have looked—and couldn’t help laughing.

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