Mohana Cabral

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Mohana Cabral

Mohana Cabral was a Goan Christian. A famous konkani theater personality and singer during late 40s and early 50s in Bombay and Goa. She acted in many hindi movies of late 40s and early 50’s and sang a couple of songs in hindi movies also. After many years of acting on stage, Mohana left for Beirut to become a producer for the Telivision Media producing dance programmnes and other shows. Mohana married her long time fiancé and settled in France. She died in France.  Her younger sister Ophelia was also a famous Goan Theatre personality and singer. Her notable films include Rim Jhim (1949), Nagina (1951), Saqi (1952), Ashiana (1952) and Shart (1954) – Mahesh Sharma

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