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Miss Coca Cola (1955) – Review



Danny Films’ Miss Coca Cola is as unattractive a picture as its title. It is poorly produced, stupidly directed and presents a tale which must go down as one of the most silly and ludicrous stories that ever found their way to the screen.

It deals with a family of five of whom one dies on the gallows for murder, one dies in a fall from the stairs, one dies under a car, one is raped, forced to kill and finally obliged to surrender to the police, and only one is left at the end with some prospects of happiness and long life. At least in disposing of characters, the author of this tale seems to be vying with Shakespeare. But unlike Shakespeare this writer does not stop at killing his characters. He very nearly kills the audience too. And in this respect Bekal Amritsari, the writer, can be called a thoroughly killing writer.

And the details with which this killing writer sends his characters to their pre-determined doom prove a grand test of the spectator’s patience. There is an old clerk in a café owned by a nauseatingly nasty character—Kamal Rai.

The clerk asks Kamal for a loan in order to get his daughter Ganga married off. Kamal refuses the loan bluntly while the prospective groom’s father demands dowry more bluntly. So the clerk tries to steal money from the café but ends by killing the watchman and being marched off to the gallows.

Ganga remains unmarried but becomes the guardian of her younger sister Madhu and her little brother Pappoo as their mother also decides to die rolling down a staircase. The three of them now starve and sigh for some time but soon there are only two to do so as Pappoo dies under Kamal’s car. Kamal gives the sisters some money and is allowed to get away with the accident. Using the money to send her sister away to Poona for schooling, Ganga goes to Kamal asking him to help her and give her work but he instead rapes her and then he makes her Miss Coca Cola, a dancer at his cafe.

On the other hand Madhu finds a lover in Shankar—a crazy M.A. LL.B., Advocate, who gives up his legal practice to become a schoolmaster, all because of a quarrel with his mother.

When the love between Madhu and Shankar is quite ripe, they return to Bombay and Ganga is glad that her sister will be happy with Shankar. But the relentless rake Kamal tries to make Madhu also a morsel of his lust and that provokes Ganga to fill him up with bullets. In the end as Ganga goes riding in the police van, Madhu and Shankar shed tears in wedding clothes.

This tale of prize stupidity is presented on the screen in an equally stupid manner. There is nothing good about it but everything is bad and boring. Technically also the picture is utterly poor and ugly. Sets are rotten. Photography is uneven. Sound is not at all well recorded. The music is familiar or uninteresting while the dialogue is unimpressive. Lyrics are average. The direction is clumsy and stupid (Source – FilmIndia Magazine).

Year – 1955

Language – Hindi

Country – India

Producer – Danny Films

Director – Kedar Kapoor

Music Director – O. P. Nayyar

Box-Office Status

Cast – Lalita Pawar, Geeta Bali, Om Prakash, Johnny Walker, Helen, Shammi Kapoor, Kuldip Kaur, Kamal Kapoor, Mumtaz Begum

Miscellaneous Information

Songs List

Music Director(s)
Jhuka jhuka ke nigahe milaye
O.P. Nayyar
Koi jab dard ka mara
Shamshad Begum, Mohd Rafi
O.P Nayyar
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