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Milenge Milenge (2010)


Milenge Milenge (2010)

Nothing ruins my mood and Friday more than a bad movie and Milenge Milenge did exactly that! It made last year’s Kambakkht Ishq look like a masterpiece. At least that was fresh; this one’s just simply ancient. It’s one of those movies which are so sad that after a few scenes, you stop criticizing it and feel sad for the entire crew. The plot of Milenge Milenge revolves around a young girl, Priya [Kareena Kapoor], a complete romantic at heart who expects the love of her life to be a guy who falls into the category of a true good boy, one that doesn’t smoke, drink or lie. Priya gets to meet a tarot card reader [Kirron Kher] who tells Priya about her past and when Priya starts believing in her she tells her that Priya will meet her life partner in seven days at a foreign beach. She also tells her that he will be wearing seven different colors. Immy [Shahid Kapoor] is the exact opposite of what Priya has been looking for but interestingly he comes across her diary and reads what she is expecting in her partner.

He then starts posing like her dream mate, giving her a completely different picture of himself. Like in all Bollywood films, Priya gets attracted to Immy when they go to a festival in Bangkok city and they come closer to each other. Just when they were about to leave Priya finds out about Immy’s reality and they part ways. As clichéd as it might sound, Immy then changes into the man that Priya has always dreamed of while Priya has moved on in life and is in a relationship. The rest [as predictable as it might seem] is something you need to watch the film to find out.

I still haven’t been able to figure out why Satish Kaushik and Boney Kapoor decided to release this movie? I mean it’s understandable that they wanted to recover the production costs but they shouldn’t have at the cost of their reputation and name.

The major issue with Milenge Milenge is that it’s extremely old, which is why it can’t connect to the audience whereas it is very important for a movie to click with its audience. It was made for the youth; college students to be precise, but the college students it was made for graduated a while back. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it was made for a completely different audience, with their language, their slang, their dressing styles and they have grown up now and hence cannot relate to Milenge Milenge. Today’s audience demands freshness, which is something Milenge Milenge clearly lacks.

Moreover, the screenplay is extremely clichéd – hopeless romantic girl, playboy guy meet and fall in love, guy hides his reality, girl finds out and then the guy suddenly changes altogether. We’ve seen it so many times that bearing it again one more time is just not possible. The music, done by Himmesh Reshammiya is passŽ and doesn’t really help either. Note that it was made at the time when Himmesh was quite the in thing. I doubt the youth listens to him now. The cinematography of Milenge Milenge is just typical and boring as well.

The chemistry between Kareena and Shahid is not something that produces spark on the screen but is not bad either. They are sweet together and probably the only reason why people would want to watch the film. Shahid Kapoor has done an average job, nothing compared to his recent roles though. He looks young and full of life but that’s not enough to rescue a sinking ship. Kareena looks young too but not as beautiful as she looks now. Justice hasn’t been done to Kareena’s wardrobe either.

In short Milenge Milenge tries to be funny at times but fails miserably. I thought China Town and Chupke Chupke were two disasters in which Kareena and Shahid worked together, now I know none of them was the real disaster. Watch this movie, only if you are craving more of the duo together. I assure you after this, you will never want to watch them together again. Also, a piece of advice, don’t spend money on the ticket, just watch it at home because it doesn’t even deserve the ticket price and I doubt you will be able to survive till the end – Hafsah Sarfraz

Cast and Production Credits

Year – 2010, Genre – Drama, Country – India, Language – Hindi, Producer – Surinder Kapoor, Director – Satish Kaushik, Music Director – Himesh Reshammiya, Cast – Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Satish Shah, Delnaz Paul, Aarti Chabria, Kiron Kher, Himani Shivpuri, Satish Kaushik, Sarfaraz Khan, Panini Rajkumar

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