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Meena Shorey with her Shikar (1953)


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Date – May, 1953

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Ek, do, teen . . . even faster than that was Meena’s bagging of a wild boar in the hills near Dehra Dun where the Shorey unit was location shooting in 1953.

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MEENA, who is looking very trim these days, had her first taste of shikar up in the hills way beyond Dehra Dun, where her producer-director husband, Roop Shorey, took her and their unit on location for scenes for their next picture “Aag ka Dariya” in which she is co-starred with Karan Dewan.

With the Divisional Forest Officer who is a friend of the Shoreys and a hunter who used to be with Jim Corbett, they took time off from filming to go after big game on a brace of elephants.

“My first big game”, said Meena, “from the back of my huge elephant was a little khargosh!” (Khargosh means hare).

She didn’t do so badly either, for a novice. She saw something moving in the bushes, popped her gun, and there was the poor little khargosh all done for.

A little later a wild boar ran out and Meena begged for the shot. She got the creature, but only so as to break its back. Someone else had to finish it off. Meena got down then and was photographed in the traditional hunter’s pose with her first real “big game”. (See picture).

The secret of her success, though she was handling a gun for the first time, is that she is utterly without fear and without nerves.

Spotting a bear a little later, Shorey wanted to get a shot of it and Meena for the picture. Getting down off the elephant without hesitation, Meena went close up to the creature which luckily did no more than glance at her for a moment before turning away and making off—but not before Shorey got his film of both, as you’ll be seeing in the picture.

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