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Mamta (1966)


Mamta (1966)

Cast: Ashok Kumar, Suchitra Sen, Dharmendra

Director: Asit Sen

Music: Roshan

Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri

Capsule Review: Remaking his own 1963 Bengali hit Uttar Phalguni, Asit Sen does  a searing sentimental pilgrimage into the anatomy of motherhood with the mythic Suchitra Sen cast as both mother and daughter. In true Mother India tradition, the mother sacrifices all happiness and comfort to see her daughter grow up with dignity. The flickering images of the martyr’s slow fade-out is manifested in Sen’s over-done melodramatic performance controlled and set to a compelling pitch by Lata Mangeshkar’s songs Rehte the kabhi jinke dil mein and the imperishable Rahen na rahen hum. The film shows remarkable sensitivity and maturity in portraying the relationship between the mother and the man who would have been her husband (Ashok Kumar). It’s from the Sen-Kumar sequences that this melodrama gets its great emotional power.

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