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Lollywood – Enter Meera the singer



Aha! She’s back. After a rather prolonged hiatus. The actress who you can’t take off the news pages, has resurfaced. And the place where it happened was on a programme that another film actress Sana hosts (yes, trust me Sana also has a show, pretty soon the entire showbiz industry will have their own chat shows). Meera spoke the way she does and behaved in the manner that’s so exclusive to her. There were many things that could be brought under the microscope but two things should be touched upon here.

At the end of the programme, Meera sang a song (albeit pre-recorded, in her own voice) and it was none other than Vital Signs’ Dil Dil Pakistan.

Man, it was such a torment listening to the synthesised feminine voice of the otherwise un-feminine-sounding actress. You could clearly tell the kind and amount of work that must’ve gone into the recording of the song, not to mention the extensive use of computer-generated sounds. Lord help us if Meera starts thinking she can sing.

The other thing which scared the daylight out of viewers was a suggestion that one woman member (a teacher by profession) from the live audience came up with. She proposed Meera should get into the education sector and help Pakistanis get educated. To this Meera replied she was thinking along those lines and if she ever did that the person who had thrown up the ingenious idea would be the first person who’d teach at her school!

Okay, here’s another suggestion: before all of that happens let’s go back to the Dark Ages.

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