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Lollywood – The Golden Era (1956 – 1966)


Nayyar Sultana, an accomplished actress, played mostly dramatic roles in the sixties. She played the title role in Baji (1963), one of the finest films directed by S. Suleman.

The restriction on Bombay films opened a new free and non-competitive market for local productions. This period introduced a great variety in the selection of subjects, dealt with by local cinema. Classic films like Jaffer Malik’s Saath Lakh (1957), W.Z. Ahmed’s Wadah (1957), Anwar Kamal Pasha’s Anarkali (1958), Saifuddin Saif’s Kartar Singh (1959), Masud Pervaiz’s Koel (1959), Khurshid Anwar’s Ghoonghat (1962), Khalil Qaiser’s Shaheed (1962), Riaz Shahid’s Susral (1962), S. Suleman’s Baji (1963), and Sharif Nayyar’s Ishq Per Zor Nahin (1963) were all produced during this period. Many Indian artistes including Shiela Ramani and Timir Baran Bhattacharya came to Pakistan to work in Pakistani Films. This period also saw the birth of Bengali and Sindhi cinema in 1956, and marked the addition of Karachi and Dhaka film centers in the country. A.J. Kardar’s Jago Hua Savera (1959) earned Pakistan whatever international prestige it has in the realm of cinema when it won gold medal at Moscow Film Festival – Ummer Siddique & Mushtaq Gazdar

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