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23 Questions for Suraiya

Suraiya in 1978

Suraiya's favourite things

23 Questions for Suraiya

My favourite work of art – “Mughal” Architecture – it’s beautiful!

My favourtie love story – Roopmati – Baaz Bahadur

My favourite film – “The Heiress”, directed by William Wyler

My most memorable performance – in film “Mirza Ghalib” as Chaudhvin.

My favourite memory – When “Gregory Peck” came to my house.

My favourite co-star – Dev Anand …………………… of course.

My favourite fan – Dharmendra – (I am his fan.)

My biggest enemy – Mirror – I am scared to look at it.

My first thrill – When I was cast opposite the Great Star K.L. Saigal.

My biggest disappointment – That I cannot diet. I love good food!!!

My favourite possessionLetters – from my fans – they make me feel so great!

My favourite author – Khalil Gibran – he is a Super Writer

My idol – Ashok Kumar, he is a wonderful actor – I adore him very much.

My favourite haunt – A friend’s place…………… Well — it’s a secret.

My most embarrassing moment – When Madhubala wanted to kiss me on the lips!!

My biggest asset – I am a Face – Reader. I can know a person’s nature by the face.

My biggest drawback – My Mother – people fail to notice me when she is around.

My favourite desire – To eat Bhel-Puri at midnight.

My favourite friend – Who can keep my secrets. (But not others.)

My favourite dream – To get married and feel miserable for a change.

My favourite pastime – Buying glass Bangles – they come in such lovely colours.

My favourite outfit – Churidar Kurta and dupatta with “Zari” work.

My birthday – 15th June. The year is too ancient for me to remember.

With lots of Love –


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