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Kites (2010)


Kites (2010)

Kites has made Bollywood attain a completely different level, much higher than any other movie has ever been able to reach before. As many skeptics would want to argue, Kites was anything but Indian. There were barely any traditional Indian elements; there wasn’t much of a Bollywood flavour and many other random attacks on things which don’t really matter. The point is, the movie is sensational because of so many factors, and the Roshan family has proved itself to be amongst the top producers/directors/actors that exist within the industry.

Kites is basically an incredibly adventurous, and extremely intense love story. Anything said about the plot would give away the exciting parts. Therefore one should rely on the other alluring factors that compel anyone to watch it at least once.

Barbara Mori, a sultry Spanish beauty, has been one of the biggest attractions of this tremendous production. She does not speak English, and she doesn’t speak Hindi. Yet she plays her character with such intensity, that you can’t help but believe every tear or every smile that appears on her face. This young lady deserves at least half the credit for the success of Kites. Also, rumour has it, that her relationship with Hrithik Roshan has been able to shake Suzanne and Hrithik’s marriage. We don’t find that hard to believe at all. One look at her anywhere in the movie and you’ll realize why it’s not a surprise why any man wouldn’t be after her, and why any woman would feel insecure, even if it’s Suzanne.

Hrithik Roshan himself didn’t look Indian, even though he was being referred to as the Indian throughout the movie. Based in USA, it isn’t anything odd for him to be addressed that way amongst the Americans. However, he simply looked nothing like it. Instead, Hrithik captured all the attention whenever he was on screen, with his bright green eyes, and long wavy locks of auburn hair. Especially when he appears without his shirt, he reveals something close to an 8 pack! What a killer set of abs! Also, he shows off an amazing golden tan, where the ladies could just not stop drooling over him

The most interesting part of Kites was the amount of actual verbal dialogues. In the first part of the movie, there is considerable dialogue between everyone, basically to establish what was going on. The last part of the movie depended on the action, the chaos, the tears, and every other emotion that could have been felt, without really having to say it out loud. Consider this, Jay (Hrithik) and Linda (Barbara) are madly in love, yet Jay doesn’t understand Spanish, and Linda doesn’t understand English (or Hindi for that matter) so it isn’t really rocket science to imagine the amount of proper conversation that could take place between them.

With Kites, Bollywood has gone one step further when it comes to directing and cinematography. Every scene was made to feel even more real, as the director really knew how to work the light angles and what to place around the screen when producing a single shot. Nothing was overdone, or under developed. Every scene, every change in the plot seemed well placed, and believable. Another newcomer in Kites was Hrithik’s brother-in-law, who played his role to perfection. He showed the right amount of anger; he seemed aggressive and dangerous. Also, he was dressed extremely well throughout the movie, and had an incredibly attractive accent as well.

Another dose of something pleasant was Kangana Raunat, who also plays a small role in the movie. Even though you barely hear her speak, she did her job well of the rich sophisticated young woman, deeply in love with this gorgeous Indian who looks like a Greek God because of his good looks.

However, interestingly, when this certain large group of women was exiting the theatre when the movie ended, I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation about how they thought that Barbara was overrated, that the entire Spanish bit “was a bit too much digest”. Do I detect jealousy there ladies? Are we being unreasonable? Let’s be a little more welcoming to this newcomer who has actually done a fantastic job, and will be on every guy’s mind for a very long time. Oh. Maybe that’s why they weren’t able to ‘digest’ her…

Kites is definitely something everyone must watch once in the cinema, to fully enjoy the action stunts performed by the lead pair themselves, along with many other various cops, robbers and civilians. The movie was extremely tragic, and believable, and there were many parts which could get anyone in tears easily. Also, incredible acting, incredible directing and an incredibly good looking star cast make Kites a perfect package. It won’t be a surprise if the movie hits all box offices, worldwide, with an incredible impact – Manal Faheem Khan

Cast and Production Credits

Year – 2010, Genre – Drama/Thriller, Country – India, Language – Hindi, Producer – Rakesh Roshan, Director – Anurag Basu, Music Director – Rajesh Roshan, Cast – Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori, Kangna Ranaut, Kabir Bedi, Anand Tiwari, Yuri Suri

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