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Kate Sethi

Real Name – Kate Sethi

Profession – Actress

Most Active Years – 1950s

Nationality – Indian


Ethnicity – English

Date of Birth

Date of Death

Debut FilmAnand Bhawan (1953)

Last Film – Perhaps Rahi (1953)

Significant others in the Film Industry

Miscellaneous Info – Welsh-born English girl Kate Sethi forsook a stage career in England to marry an Indian and settle in India. She was discovered by S.M. Yusuf, and appeared in his “Anand Bhuvan” where she played the part of the vamp. Her handsome husband, Major Inder Sethi, who featured in a Films Division documentary about the Territorial Army, was also offered a role in R.K. Shorey production, but Inder declined it saying “Nothing doing. I prefer the Army”.

Kate considered “the social whirl” pointless and spent most of her spare time at home reading a wide variety of books and magazines, though biographies and anthologies were her first preference. Kate also used to devote her time to lessons in Hindustani, which she later started to speak, read and write with a fair degree of fluency.

Kate mentioned a funny incident on the sets of “Anand Bhuvan”. The director on one occasion kept calling on an artiste named Ismail. As Kate was not quite conversant with Indian names, every time the director called “Ismail (Is- Smile!)”, she thought he was asking her to smile. The whole unit was puzzled as to why Kate wore a broad grin whenever the director called out to Ismail. Later, Kate herself solved the mystery of the smile.


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