Her beauty is irrefutable. Bee stung mouth, perfect brows, swan neck, and doe eyes shut in romantic expectation. Even her name, Husna, evoked an impossible ideal of beauty. Husna entered the Pakistani film industry in the late 50’s as a sultry temptress in such films as Nagin (1959), Saathi (1959), Habu (1961), and Shaheed (1962). Like present cine-vixens Meera, Reema and Resham, Husna regularly modeled for English language film and fashion magazines. Along with a porcelain complexion, she was also blessed with a tall frame and a graceful gait. But she didn’t merely want to be posited as a dumb mannequin. She had an ambition to act in stellar films with leading men. And to travel. Indeed, Husna was famous for acting in movies set in foreign locales. In the 60’s and 70’s she made films in Paris, Tokyo and Manila including Love in Europe and Honeymoon both with screen veteran Kamal and donning what became a trademark to her: a sarong. She also succeeded in her ambition to share the arc lights with the leading men of the era, when she starred with chocolate hero Waheed Murad in Khamosh Nigahein.

However, Husna’s kittenishness could not be contained. By the end of the late 60’s she had reverted to serious vamp mode in a slew of films including Aarzoo, Dil Ruba, and Sabaq. And like her peer Tarana, Husna also enjoyed performing western dances like the fox trot, the waltz and the cha-cha-cha in the movies. In spite of the acting and the traveling, Husna managed to become domesticated, and married Darpan, Santosh Kumar’s younger brother. But this meretricious homeliness barely lasted a couple of years.

After completing over 150 films, Husna remarried, this time a cousin from a Thakur family. She presently lives in the United States, no doubt still devastating onlookers with her beauty.

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