Hindi Movie Mistakes/Goofs/Bloopers/Continuity Errors etc


 Hamraaz Р1967

The Caravelle’s registration number changes from DUI to DPO by the time it reaches Bangalore. Wasn’t Sunil Dutt satisfied with disguising himself?

Jewel Thief – 1967

Vyjayanthimala presents fancy clothes to Vinay. When he enters Vyjayanthimala’s bungalow he sees his own photo wearing those same clothes. How did the photo of Amar came in while he never really existed?

An Evening in Paris – 1967

Sharmila Tagore goes through the water-skiing junket without getting a drop of water on her swim-suit.

Ram Aur Shyam – 1967

Ever been to a party where the guests wear uniforms? In “Ram Aur Shyam” at least 20 children are in white dresses, red belts and white tennis shoes.

Satyakam – 1969

Sanjeev Kumar is driving a 1968 Model (imported) car just after independence (1947).

Chetna – 1970

Anil Dhawan is locked by his friend in the room where the call girl (Rehana Sultan) is waiting. After some time call girl opens the door from inside.

Sachaa Jhutha – 1970

Rajesh Khanna and his gang turn up with some 8,000 bottles of coke – and you see about 50 guests at the function.

Sharafat – 1970

In Sharafat (1970) the hero is appointed warden of the Hostel. Later on you are told he was appointed Rector. Afterwards the hero tells the heroine that he is the Superintendent. Just what is he?

Suhana Safar – 1970

While Shashi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore are fleeing from the “mad, mad world” – the windscreen of their jeep is shattered by bullets. Later on Shashi gallantly crashes through the windscreen. Did Sharmila Tagore replaced the glass while watching the fight?

Yaadgar – 1970

When Tiwari comes to the injured Manoj Kumar, the wall clock shows 11:25, 11:30, 11:35, 11:40 and then suddenly 11:30…

Jane Anjane – 1971

In Jane Anjane (1971), the pin-up calendar in Jayant’s liquor den, first seen when the hero is an infant, is still there behind the counter a quarter century later.

Raja Jani – 1972

In Raja Jani (1972), Hema Malini is seen boarding a third class sleeper compartment, which turns out to be a First Class coach inside. And the bathroom is large enough to hold five or six persons comfortably! And the train changes colour from the standard Maroon to Blue and Cream.

Roop Tera Mastana – 1972

Jeetendra’s long side-burns at the wedding are no more long when he wakes up in the morning. Did he shave on his Suhaag Raat?

Dhund – 1973

The murderer kills Danny at 10:30 p.m., drives off, returns, walks to the bungalow through the fog, cooks up a story to defend Zeenat and then tells her to go up to her bedroom at 10:40 p.m. All this happens in ten minutes.

Duniya Ka Mela – 1974

Rekha dives into a river wearing a blouse and shorts and in the next scene her saree is drying by the fire.

Prem Shastra – 1974

Bindu is shown reading “The Naked Ape”, published in 1967, in a twenty year old flashback.

Dharam Veer – 1977

Indrani Mukerjee is shown killing a tiger – and a lioness comes to avenge the death.

Gharonda – 1977

Shreeram Lagu asks Zarina Wahab to make tea for him without sugar but as the tea is served, he starts stirring it with a spoon.

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