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Hamara Ghar (1950) – Review


Kishore Sahu’s Hamara Ghar is an odd story of good and bad but most of it bad. The original story idea which held out promise of a really good picture under capable hands has been so badly treated that what has turned out finally is really a very poor excuse of a picture. The theme of five brothers with their wives bound together in fraternal love by the wisdom and devotion of the brothers’ mother and the discord and disharmony that spreads amongst them the moment she is out of their midst has been directed and written with such lack of imagination that even the last shred of its original appeal is destroyed. The director has succeeded too well in bringing about the few situations that look utterly ridiculous on the screen through they are presumed to build up a climax.

To take two examples out of a few, the first one is the scene where the black sheep of the family, one of the brothers, maltreats his eldest brother on the staircase while the other brothers and their wives look on complacently without raising their fingers to help him. The other situation is the final scene in which the same brother again threatens to shoot one of his brothers in cold blood while others who are just behind him and who with one stretch of their hand could have snatched away his gun just stand there like statues, howling and creating an uproar like animals in a menagerie.

In entrusting the direction to Nanabhai Bhatt, Kishore Sahu committed the first of many mistakes. His second mistake was the treatment of the subject which as a producer he must have supervised. It was dreary and uninteresting while Nanabhai Bhatt’s direction was unimaginative and amateurish.

Music, dialogues and songs were utterly worthless while the recording was so bad that it was difficult to catch the dialogues at times.

Out of the cast of nearly a dozen only Durga Khote, Yashodhara Katju and David did well. Agha overacted a great deal while the rest were too artificial in their performance.

Hamara Ghar is a very poor picture and a sore disappointment coming as it does from much boosted Kishore Sahu.

Year – 1950

Language – Hindi

Country – India

Producer – Hindustan Chitra

Director – N. Bhatt

Music Director – Chitragupta

Box-Office Status

Cast – Veera, Umakant, Agha, Meena Kumari, Jankidas, Yashodhara Katju, Durga Khote, Ramesh Gupta, David Abraham, Geeta Bose

Miscellaneous Information – Not Available.

Songs List

SongYearSingersMusic DirectorLyricist(s)
Chandni Chhitki Huyi Hai1950Geeta Roy-RafiChitraguptaAnjum Jaipuri
Chori chori mat dekh1950Shamshad Begum, Mohd RafiChitragupta
Chori Chori Mat Dekh-2 Balam Bholi Dulhan1950Shamshad-RafiChitraguptaBharat Vyas
Chupke 2 Dil Mein Mere Aane Wale Ho1950Geeta Roy-RafiChitraguptaRam Murty
Dekho to dil1950Shamshad Begum, Mohd Rafi, Geeta Dutt, ShantiChitragupta
Kahan chale sarkar1950Shamshad Begum, Kishore KumarChitragupta
Kahan Chale Sarkar1950Shamshad-KishoreChitraguptaRam Murty
Kahan chale sarkar1950Shamshad Begum, Kishore KumarChitragupta
O teri tirchhi nazar1950Shamshad Begum, Mohd RafiChitragupta
Papi Dushman..Dekho To Dil Dil Mein1950Geeta Roy-Shamshad-Shanti VarmaChitraguptaAnjum Jaipuri
Rang bhari1950Shamshad Begum, Mohd Rafi, Shanti, Raja GulChitragupta
Rang Bhari Holi Aayi1950Shamshad-RafiChitraguptaBharat Vyas
Teri Tirachhi Nazar Teri Patali Kamar1950Rafi-ShamshadChitraguptaBharat Vyas
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