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Haathi Mere Saathi (1971) – Review


The story is about a young man and his elephants. They save the child of the hero from an angry tiger. They then escort the saved child to the dying father, who enjoins on the son that the elephants should be well looked after, as they are his best friends. The child grows to a young man and is seen next playing foot-ball with four elephants. They also create a situation where the hero meets his lady love. The friendly elephants do all things for the hero, such as pushing a stalled car, pick up telephone calls and rock cradles and so on and so forth. Suddenly the hero becomes poor. The elephants help him. The hero earns through them and becomes rich and the father of his beloved agrees to the marriage of his daughter with the hero. There are a couple of villains who create trouble to the hero. These troubles lead to the killing of one of his most loved elephants, but then the end is happy.

The elephants are a wonderful lot. They perform pooja, fetch a doctor when the hero falls sick, save the hero’s child from a snake and later from drowning. Once when the heroine tells the reluctant hero to tie his beloved elephant, the intelligent elephant brings the chain. No doubt the elephants, trained ones, dominate the film more than the human beings.

When there are no elephants in any sequence there is the usual comedy, romance, melodrama, action, fight and so on.

There are some sentimental sequences such as the hero punishing his pet elephant with the chain thinking that it had broken loose whereas it has gone to save the hero’s child and lastly the hero’s farewell when it is killed.

Rajesh as hero is at home with the trained pets. Tanuja has not much to do. Sujit and K. N. Singh provide the routine support as villains. Mahmood Jr. is good. David and Krishnakant in brief appearances impress.

There is flair but it is all due to the animals. Music is not up to much.

Haathi Mere Saathi provides good fun and entertainment for kids. The picture has proved to be an all-time hit, proving incidentally that it pays to rely on animals than on human beings.

Year – 1971

Language – Hindi

Country – India

Producer – Chinnappa Dewar, Sandow M. M. A

Director – M. Thirumugam

Music Director – Laxmikant-Pyarelal

Box-Office Status

Cast – Tanuja, Sujit Kumar, David Abraham, Krishnakant, Randhir, Devar, Naaz, Abhi Bhattacharya, K. N. Singh, Mehmood Junior, Tinku, Rajesh Khanna

Miscellaneous Information

Songs List

Music Director(s)
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