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Ghory – Profile, Interview and Filmography


Real Name – Nazir Ahmed Ghory

Profession – Actor (Comedian)

Active Years – 1930s – 1960s

Nationality – Pakistani

Religion – Muslim


Date of Birth – 11th August 1901 (Lahore, British India)

Date of Death – 9th December, 1977, Pakistan

Debut Film

Last Film

Significant others in the Film Industry

Miscellaneous Information – Dixit and Ghory were one of the earliest comedy double acts of Hindi Cinema. They based their antics on Laurel and Hardy. Ghory started his career with the silent Alladin and his wonderful Lamp (1927) and Dixit with Sparkling Youth (1931). Later, they formed the comedy duo and mostly worked for Ranjit Film Company with Bhutio Mahal (1932) their first film together. While Dixit died on 29th June, 1949, Ghory migrated to Pakistan and continued working there and appeared in many films produced in Lahore and Karachi including Shimmi (1950), Miss 1956 (1956), Anokhi (1956), Mandi (1956), Kaarnama (1956) etc. Ghory died on 9th December, 1977


Catching Ghory, while he is snatching an half hour’s well earned rest on the sets, was not an easy job: but his respect and admiration for the ‘Filmland’, which he believes is really doing its best, in serving the Indian Film Industry, to an admirable degree, earned me this privilege, and I was allowed an interview. After talking on different things of general interest I asked when and where he was born and falteringly asked about his parentage and courteously he replied :

“I was born on 11th August 1901, at Lahore. I come from an Afghan family, now domiciled in the Punjab. My forefathers were pearl merchants, and so far, I am the first in that great line to break that chain of occupation. Who knows I may revert to that after finishing with my screen work?”

“When did you join films?” – I asked

“In 1926.” – replied.

“How far have you studied?”

“I am not holding any University degree” he said smilingly, and quickly added “but I can read, write and speak tolerable good English, and my Urdu and Persian are, I should say, of college standard. In Bengali, and Gujarati I can understand people, and can make myself understood. You must have seen a bit of my Gujarati, in “Sati Savitri.”

Regarding his studio experience he said, “So far I have rolled through Laxmi, Royal and Imperial, before finding my lodgment in Ranjit, but I am sorry to admit that none so far is up to my standard and liking though I have always been trying to do my best.” He added that there was no reason why he should not like the profession. He also added that he is quite at home with Violin, Harmonium, Sitar, Mandolin and Piano. He can sing a little and his hobby is reading.

“Please name the female artiste you like best for screen, and why?”

“Miss Madhuri (Beryl Claessen). Because she works with real zeal and genuine zest.”

“Do you need much help from your Make-up-man?”

“Here you have cornered me. I would love to have expert attention in this respect, but where is the man? India so far, cannot boast of a single Make-up-man, who knows his job. At least I do not know of any.”

Questioned regarding his favorite out-door game, he mentioned Hockey and Tennis. Simple food and moderation are his dietic principles.

“What kind of story do you like for you?”

“Comic and only comic.”

“What do you think is the educative value of pictures ?”

“Every picture has got, I should say its own educative value in its own way. But viewing this apprehensive question from a broader point of view, pictures can be made to do wonders in the real realm of education, and if story-writers are mindful to write their stories keeping this objective in view, then I think we film workers, can have the satisfaction of being of some educative service to humanity as well.”

This said, Mr. Ghory rose to his full height of 5 feet 6 inches, to go to the sets and this ended the interview.

All this time, that I was talking to this entertaining artist of cultured habits, I was feeling as I was seeing him on screen. Really there is not much difference between Ghory on the screen and Ghory off the screen. He is just the same Ghory everywhere, as we love to see him on the screen – (Interviewed by S.V. Kriparam in early 1930s and contributed by Sudarshan Talwar).


Filmographies might not be 100% accurate or complete because of various reasons including artistes with similar names

Alladin & His Wonderful Lamp1927IndiaImperial Film CompanyB. P. Misra
Sainted Devil1928IndiaImperial Film CompanyB. P. Misra
Shashikala1928IndiaLokmanya Film Company
Magic Flute1929IndiaImperial Film CompanyMohan Bhavnani
Bombay The Mysterious1931IndiaRanjit Film CompanyN. Vakil
Hoor-E-Roshan1931IndiaRanjit Film CompanyN. Vakil
Mukti Sangram1931IndiaSaroj Film Co.Jayant Desai
Prince Charming1931IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Queen Of Love1931IndiaRanjit Film CompanyNanubhai Vakil
Rose Of Kashmir1931IndiaYoung Indian Pictures
Sisters1931IndiaSaroj Film Co.Dhirubhai Desai
Bhutio Mahal1932IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Char Chakram1932IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Do Badmash1932IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Lal Swar1932IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Sati Savitri1932IndiaRanjit Film CompanyChandulal Shah
Sipahsalar1932IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Bhola Shikar1933IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Bhool Bhulaiyan1933IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai, Zande Khan
Krishna Sudama1933IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Miss 19331933IndiaRanjit Film CompanyChandulal Shah
Vishwa Mohini1933IndiaRanjit Film CompanyChandulal Shah
Gunsundari1934IndiaRanjit Film CompanyChandulal Shah
Kashmeera1934IndiaRanjit Film CompanyNandlal Jaswantlal
Magic Flute1934IndiaImperial Film CompanyHomi Master
Nadira1934IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Sitamgar1934IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Tara Sundari1934IndiaRanjit Film CompanyChandulal Shah
Toofan Mail1934IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Toofani Taruni1934IndiaRanjit Film CompanyChandulal Shah
Veer Babruvahan1934IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
College Girl1935IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Desh Dasi1935IndiaRanjit Film CompanyChandulal Shah
Kimiti Ansoo1935IndiaRanjit Film CompanyChandulal Shah
Noore Watan1935IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Raat Ki Rani1935IndiaRanjit Film CompanyRaja Sandow
Chalak Chor1936IndiaRanjit Film CompanyRaja Sandow
Jwalamukhi1936IndiaRanjit Film CompanyD. N. Madhok
Laheri Lala1936IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Matlabi Duniya1936IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Raj Ramani1936IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Rangila Raja1936IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Sipahi Ki Sajni1936IndiaRanjit Film CompanyChandulal Shah
Pardesi Pankhi1937IndiaRanjit Film CompanyChandulal Shah
Sharafi Loot1937IndiaRanjit Film CompanyD. N. Madhok
Toofani Toli1937IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Zamin Ka Chand1937IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Ban Ki Chidiya1938IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Billi1938IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Prithvi Putra1938IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Rikshawala1938IndiaRanjit Film CompanyEzra Mir
Nadi Kinare1939IndiaRanjit Film CompanyManibhai Vyas
Thunder1939IndiaRex PicturesA. H. Essa
Holi1940IndiaRanjit Film CompanyA. R. Kardar
Sajani1940IndiaSudama ProductionS. Badami
Beti1941IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Dhandora1941IndiaRanjit Film CompanyCharlie
Holiday In Bombay1941IndiaSudama ProductionS. Badami
Shaadi1941IndiaRanjit Film CompanyJayant Desai
Kisise Na Kahana1942IndiaChitra ProductionKrishna Gopal
Return Of Toofan Mail1942IndiaRanjit, WadiaAspi Irani
Muskurahat1943IndiaSaubhagya PicturesVedi, Dwarka Khosla
Naya Zamana1943IndiaMohan PicturesN. Vakil
Bade Nawab Saheb1944IndiaSilver FilmsVedi
Ismat1944IndiaFazli BrosS. Fazli
Lal Haveli1944IndiaBombay CinetoneK. B. Lal
Mauji Jeewan1944IndiaHarishchandra PicturesPoonawala
O Panchhi1944IndiaRaja M.Zahur Raja
Chand Tara1945IndiaAsiatic ProductionMahesh Chandra
Ek Din Ka Sultan1945IndiaMinerva MovietoneSohrab Modi
Naseeb1945IndiaSilver FilmsVedi
Circus King1946IndiaBharat ProductionB. R. Mudnaney
Dil1946IndiaFazli BrosS. F. Hussain
Mehandi1947IndiaFazli BrosS. Fazli
Duniyadari1948IndiaFree India FilmsK. P. Sahani, K. Advani
Anokhi 1956PakistanSh.LatifShahnawaz
Kaarnama1956PakistanM.M.Hussainlqbal Hussain
Mandi1956PakistanNisar AhmedAziz Ahmed
Miss 56 1956PakistanJ.C. AnandR.K.Shorey
Shikar 1956PakistanHasan BaigRafiq Anwar
Street 77 1960PakistanM.Fazl-ur-RahmanM.Haziq
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