Geeta Dutt singing for Pakistani Film Miss 56 – Mystery finally solved.. Well kind of…


Zareef, Charlie, Meena Shorey, Santosh Kumar, and Aslam Pervaiz in Miss 56 (1956)

Few months ago I blogged about Geeta Dutt singing for Pakistani film Miss 56 (1956). However, the following questions remained unanswered –

1. Where these songs were recorded? Miss 56 music was composed by  G.A. Chisthi. However, he never visited India, neither did Geeta ever visited Pakistan. Also, if you listen to these songs the composing style is not that of G.A. Chisthi.

2. The songs were rerecorded in the voices of Pakistani singers and used in the film [Whereas Geeta sang the 78 rpm record versions] . The rerecorded versions were attributed to Pakistani singer Nahid Niazi on various discussion forms. Nahid Niazi started her career in 1957, therefore it isn’t possible that she sang the Pakistani versions of these songs.

I asked Nahid Niazi about this and she confirmed that she never sang the Pakistani versions of these songs. According to her, there were certain instances where Pakistani producers purchased unused Indian songs and included them in Pakistani films.

I think in Miss 56 case, the songs were most probably recorded in India. The film was directed by Roop K. Shorey who came to Pakistan with his star-wife Meena to direct this film for J.C. Anand. And perhaps before coming to Pakistan, he may have recorded some songs in Geeta Dutt’s voice and then used them in Miss 56.

As far as who sang the rerecorded film versions of these songs, the question cannot be answered because the print of this film doesn’t exist anymore.

Geeta Dutt singing Ik baat sunati houn for Pakistani film Miss 56, music director remains unknown.

Geeta Dutt singing “Aeray gheray natho kheray” for Pakistani film Miss 56, music director remains unknown.

Listen to the song on youtube HERE, as embedding is disabled.

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  1. Thanks for this article. It is nice to get a confirmation that Nahid Niazi ji never sang these songs.
    Please do visit our website dedicated to Geeta ji. Thanks.

    • Geeta is one of my favorite singers, I have visited your site before and will continue on doing so in the future. Great effort, keep it up!

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