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Gauhar (1953) – Review


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Gauhar (1953) – Review

Year – 1953

Language – Hindi

Country – India

Producer – All India Pictures

Director – F. H. Hassan

Music Director – Ghulam Mohammed

Box-Office Status

Cast – Cuckoo, Agha, Bina Rai, Vijayalaxmi, Chanchal, Chaman Puri, Charlie, Rehman, Shamlal, Babu Chunmun

Songs List

Music Director(s)
Awaaz de raha hai koi
Sudha Malhotra
Ghulam Mohammad
Cham chama cham thumak
Shamshad Begum
Ghulam Mohammad
Holey holey dheere dheere
Mohammad Rafi, Asha Bhosle
Ghulam Mohammad
Saiyan tori paiyan padoon
Shamshad Begum, Sudha Malhotra
Ghulam Mohammad

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A DEPRESSINGLY poor film, All-India Pictures’ “Gauhar,” which was released in Bombay on September 25, 1953 at the Swastik and other cinemas, is a disappointing picture.

Directed by F. H. Hassan, the picture is based on a good dramatic story which follows the career of a village girl, who after the death of her fiance sets out to build a new life for herself. When she meets a married man who is the double of her dead fiance and whose wife is suffering from a fatal disease, the real drama, built up around the relationship between the two women, sets in. Properly treated here was material for a powerful poignant drama.

Unfortunately, the unwieldy screenplay and clumsy direction ruin this excellent material. What might have been beautiful sequences alive with sympathy and colored with the potent force of human emotions are transformed into dull passages made tedious by slabby dialogue and rendered even more irritating by faulty recording.

The cast headed by Bina Rai as the heroine, Rehman who portrays both the men in her life in a dual role, and Vijayalaxmi as the doomed wife put over performances which are severely handicapped by the lethargic scenario.

The music score by Ghulam Mohamed is poor and the songs unattractive, and with the dull photography they complete the undistinguished tally of a picture which neither grips nor entertains, which in fact does not even interest one.

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