First Female Music Composer of Bollywood



It is commonly believed that Nargis’s mother Jaddan Bai became the first female music composer of Bollywood when she composed for Talash-e-Haq in 1935. That is incorrect. Ishrat Sultana aka Bibbo, composed the music of Adl-e-Jahangir in 1934, which was released a year before Talash-e-Haq. Thus, making Bibbo the first female music composer of Hindi film industry.

Bibbo also composed the music of Qazzak ki Ladki, which was released in 1937. As compared to Bibbo, Jaddan Bai was more prolific as music director and composed the music of atleast 4 more films including Jeewan Swapna (1937), Moti Ka Haar (1937), Hridaya Manthan (1936), and Madam Fashion (1936).

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