Do Raha (1971) – Review


The hero is an idealist. A writer by profession, his books are not sale-worthy and are rejected by publishers who want hot stuff that would sell. The hero comes across a rich man’s daughter and then they start cooing and wooing in scant swimming and revealing costumes on the beach. At last, the hero summons enough courage to go to the father of the girl to ask for her hand, after she is already in the family way, and is humiliated by him. The frustrated hero now turns revengeful. He now writes the stuff that would sell. A publisher who has an eye on the heroine buys them and the hero becomes very rich with all the luxuries one could dream of. The heroine runs away to the hero to wed him. The evil publisher introduces the new prosperous hero into fast ways of living and also manages to bring the hero’s pretty wife to drink. The ideal girl now descends to alcoholism. Then there is a rape scene wherein the villain pulls up the saree of the heroine exposing a generous portion of her flesh. The villain is murdered. Follows a court scene wherein both the hero and heroine try to take the blame of killing on each of them. The former lover of the heroine now appears and admits the killing. The past is forgotten, even the heroine’s drunken episode with the villain and they live happily thereafter.

There is lot of sermonising particularly about the modern ways of living which is responsible and it is this that brings near tragedy to the lives of the hero and the heroine. There are songs and dances. There is woeful lack of realism and resort is made to blatant exposure of flesh and sex. Made primarily by nine diploma holders of the Film Institute including direction, the film is all an attempt to trade on flesh in the guise of exposing true facts of the present-day society. Radha shows more of her body than histrionics. Anil Dhawan as hero is unconvincing. Roopesh as the villain is passable. Music has catchy tunes. Camera work is competent. Do Raha is a confused jumble with an eye on box-office.

Year – 1971

Language – Hindi

Country – India

Producer – Ram Dayal

Director – P. D. Shenoy

Music Director – Sapan Jagmohan

Box-Office Status

Cast – Dinesh Hingoo, Radha Saluja, Iftekhar, Sanjana, Anil Dhawan, Shatrughan Sinha, Rakesh Pandey, Roopesh Kumar, Sujata, Randhir, Leela Misra

Miscellaneous Information

Songs List

Music Director(s)
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